11 Best Short Hairstyles & Haircuts That Look Great on Everyone


Not most of the women dare to go short. It is because although short hairstyles look chic, modern & edgy, they are tricky when it comes to fashion. But, then it is so much more practical for one whose job takes up the most of the time. If you want to chop all such tresses, here is a great list of the latest trends to try out. There is one for every face shape & hair texture.

Moreover, short hairstyles are great options as they are not only fashionable, but they are easy to maintain, as well. If you are interested in having short hair, here are some of the Best Short Hairstyles that you should go for.

Best Trendy Short Hairstyles

Brown Wavy Style: This hairstyle is also recognized as the long bob which is curled at the ends, thus offering you a great look of the ’60s. While this Smart hairstyle is ideal for individuals with wavy and short hair, you can also go for this hairstyle whether you have straight, fine, fine, curly, or thick hair. The good side of this style is that it is an ideal option for women of all ages. This hairstyle is also an ideal option for women with different face shapes. To make this hairstyle ideal for several face shapes’ women, the only need is to vary their side parting.

Classic Basin-cut Bob: This hairstyle is ideal for women having thick & glossy hair. This type of hairstyle provides razored tips that you can simply sculpt into a smooth and round silhouette. When this hairstyle is great, you can avoid having the thick and full fringe if you have a small face; it is because the fringe tends to overcome your small face. To attain a sleek look, you can expertly create the graduated line around your face.

Layered Bob: This is also the style for the Best Short Haircuts which has been popular nowadays, and it’s expected to be popular in the next upcoming years. The good side of this hairstyle is that it greatly flatters the face. This hairstyle also lifts & brightens the skin color, as well. This hairstyle is considered by the hair which ends below the chin area. The crown is frequently lightly teased in order to provide your hair with an attractive height. This style also comes with the off-the-forehead fringe, which softens the line gorgeously. To add volume to your hair, you can go for the medium bob. This bob also aids in balancing the length of your face shape.

Chin Length Bob: The best thing about this short hairstyle is that it suits almost all shapes of face. To create some different face-balancing effects, you only need to adjust the parting of hairs.

Cotton Candy: It is short on the sides, but the top left side of this hairstyle is long. To provide you with a different and edgy look, this hairstyle comes with beautiful color & wavy texture. To have this style, you have to start by applying the styling product to wet your hair. After this, you have to blow-dry the sides of your hair by using your styling brush. After this, add texture to your hair by using some effective styling products. You have to then set this hairstyle by using hairspray. While this style is an ideal option for individuals with round faces, the look of this hairstyle is exquisite on women having hair that is of medium texture & density.

Untucked: You have to avoid tucking the hair behind the ear. It results in having plenty of hair that covers several parts of your face and makes your face look narrower. Moreover, you have to start by applying numerous branded styling products to your wet hair & then blow dry it by using the large round brush. You have to then use a flat iron & smooth the mid-shaft to the ends. And, to add extra shine, you have to apply serum to your hair.

Extreme Asymmetric Bob: This hairstyle is considered by one side which is a lot shorter than the other. The length of one side causes the eye to look up & down, thus, giving your face the illusion of length. You have to start by applying some styling products to your wet hair & then blow dry it, by using the large round brush. You have to then smooth the middle to ends of the hair then apply to add extra shine to your hair.

Graduated, Bob: It is shorter in the back & longer in front. With the help of this hair design, your hair pushes towards your face, to make your round face look narrower. This hairstyle also causes the hair to push upward by offering volume. You can start by applying a hairstyling product to your wet hair & blow-dry it by using the large round brush. You can then smooth the middle to the ends of hair. To add the texture, you should apply the lightweight product.

Chin Length: From its name, this is the hairstyle that is considered by hair that does not go beyond your chin. For the ideal results, you can ensure that you wear your hair in soft and easy waves. The good side is the style in which you can wear it both in a professional & casual environment. To provide your hair with great looks, you should consider using rollers & curling irons.

The Pixie: It is the one that is classic. The hair is cut really short on the sides & back & left a little longer in front. The modern pixie cut features bangs & layers for a more textured look. It keeps it from lying flat. The pixie looks great on the woman with thick, wavy hair, & square, oval, & heart-shaped faces.

There are several thrilling short hairstyles out there that will suit you. The secret is to find a good stylist who will be honest with you & who can suggest suitable styles considering the shape of your face, hair type, & lifestyle. You have to leave the salon with the song in your heart, feeling sexy, & filled with assurance. Let your hairstylist show you techniques to create a salon look at home. 

Do not be afraid to experiment!


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