13 Unexpected Uses of Roof Racks  

Suppose you love hiking, adventure, or any other outdoor activities requiring you to carry heavy and specific gear. However, roof racks have the best solution for you. You don’t have to leave your best gear or items because they are bulky. Roof racks allow you to carry luggage regardless Roof Racks of its shape and size.  

The following article will look at the unique uses of roof racks.  

1. BBQ Grill 

 Strong roof racks such as the land rover discovery roof racks can carry heavy and large-size items. Grilling your favorite food during camping can help you create some exciting and memorable moments. With a roof rack, you don’t have to worry about how you can transport your grill. You only need to place and tie it well on your roof rack.  

2. Awnings  

With roof racks, you can quickly turn your car into a shelter. It conveniently allows the awning to be installed on your vehicle. You can erect it over your car or extend it from the rear or sides of your vehicle. A roof is an excellent and convenient place with a cool shade that can allow you to have fun and prepare your meals or BBQ. If you are camping for days, you don’t have to pay extra for accommodation as it is ideal for spending your night.  

3. Bicycles 

Bike riding is one of the outdoor activities during camping or hiking. However, carrying bicycles in your vehicle can be challenging if you do not have enough space or an in-built bike carrier. 

4. Boards  

Surfboards are long, and they can’t fit in the vehicle cabin. The safest way to transport your surfboards is by placing them on the top of your roof rack. Due to their lengthy size, you should ensure they are well-placed to avoid obstructing your view while driving. Always check your sight before traveling and reposition it appropriately. You can also conveniently travel with your snowboard on the roof racks. 

5. Canoes  

If you are fishing or doing other lake-related activities, you must carry a canoe and other essential items. A roof rack is a perfect solution to help you quickly and conveniently take your canoe anywhere you wish.  

6. Gas 

Carrying gas in your car or other flammable items can be risky. Roof racks are the safest way to travel with your gas cylinder, regardless of the distance and the weather. However, ensure your gas cylinder is tightly sealed, has no leakages, and is stable on your roof rack.  

7. Spare Tires  

Spare tires are essential when going on any journey. You don’t want to be stuck somewhere with no help or reachable mechanic. Roof racks are conveniently used to carry spare tires. Compared to the cabin, the advantage of roof racks is that you can have as many light tires as possible.  

8. Rooftop Tents  

Rooftop tents are the perfect and unique way to have the best outdoor experience. They are built to withstand any weather condition and can conveniently be used on tricky terrain. With a roof rack, you can easily mount your rooftop tent for camping purposes. You must ensure it is secured and stable by bolting down the mounting hardware. It’s good to note that rooftop tents have different designs, so they are installed differently. Rooftop tents can be used as shelters.  

9. Portable Showers  

Are you going camping or doing other outdoor activities? You can make your experience memorable and fun by carrying a portable shower. Portable showers can quickly be taken and conveniently used on your vehicle’s roof rack. You don’t have to be stressed, especially if you are far from hotels or other better places to shower.  

10. Water Cooler  

A water cooler is essential, especially for outdoor activities and camping during the hot summer days. Roof racks can be used to carry water coolers regardless of their size. You can also have extra water cans on your roof racks.  

11. Ski  

Due to their unique shape and size, skis are challenging to transport. If you love skiing and are far from a ski resort, you must carry the ski frequently in your car. Roof racks are the best and most popular way to transport your skis.   

12. Cargo Carriers  

Roof racks can be used to carry any type of carrier conveniently. Cargo carriers such as bags, boxes, or trays can easily be attached to your roof racks for easy transportation.  

13. Securing Items  

During camping or adventure, it’s easy to lose your essential items. However, you can use your roof rack to secure your items by safely mounting and attaching them.  


Roof racks can be used in so many ways. Whether you are going camping or doing other outdoor activities, you can make your experience better by mounting a roof rack on your vehicle. Nevertheless, when carrying any item on your roof rack, ensure they are secure and stable and do not obstruct your view while driving.  

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