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3 point slinger for camera

A 3-point slinger for the camera is a type of camera strap that is mainly used by professional photographers all around the world for the safety of their cameras. Photographers basically use it when they go on an outdoor photoshoot. The regular straps of a camera are not strong enough and can prove disastrous because there is always a threat of slipping off your camera from your neck. But a 3-point slinger is quite strong and easy to carry. You can easily take your shot with the help of a slinger without being worried about the safety of your camera. You can wear it around one shoulder and the rest of your body remains free. 

If you’re a photographer, you must use a slinger. Let’s discuss some of the best camera slingers

Best 3-Point Slingers for a Camera 

There are different types of slingers for cameras available in the market. Here we’ve listed the best of them.

BlackRapid Sport Breathe Camera Sling

The BlackRapid Sport is perfect for professional photographers because it is sturdy, light, and packed with functionality. It has an adjustable strap and the shoulder pad of this 3 point slinger for camera is very soft and comfortable. It also has an underarm stabilizer that holds the shoulder pad in place while you move the camera up and down the strap for photography. In order to keep the camera steady when not in use, the bumpers in the straps hold the camera in position.

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Waka Professional DSLR Camera Strap

This Waka Camera sling is a budget-friendly accessory for photographers.  It is inexpensive, strong, flexible, and has all the essential qualities a sling strap should have. The Waka DSLR camera straps are sturdy and adjustable that can handle full-size DSLR cameras. A pocket is also present in the shoulder pad of this slinger where you can keep small items like extra batteries or memory cards. It is mainly useful for taller photographers because the straps of this sling are too long. 

BlackRapid Sport X Coyote

This three-point slinger is the ideal mix of quality, comfort, and durability because it has various unique protective and comfort features. It has special spring locks that help to keep your camera steady when you go outside. The straps of this sling are very flexible and breathable. This three-point strap includes not only its main over-the-shoulder strap but also an under-arm strap, which is always essential.

Ocim Camera Sling Strap

If you frequently go on an outdoor photoshoots then you should definitely use this sling. This sturdy and comfy camera strap will fulfill all of your outdoor photography needs and is both cost-effective and practical. You can shoot very easily without worrying thanks to the well-cushioned shoulder strap and the tested over-shoulder and under-arm sling. The shape of this strap also makes it simple to switch between the two shoulders and fit between them.

USA Gear Trueshot Camera Sling Strap

The USA Gear Trueshot Camera Sling Strap is the best option for all those photographers who are looking for a cheap and comfortable 3- point slinger.  It has a shoulder pad, an underarm stabilizing strap, and a durable nylon strap with changeable locks, similar to most 3-point slingers. With reversible buckles on the underarm strap of the Trueshot, photographers can use this 3-point slinger on either shoulder. Additionally, people can connect to another strap on the opposing shoulder and carry two cameras, one on each side, with the help of reversible buckles. So, it will prove useful for those who carry more than one camera at a time. 

Altura Rapid Fire Neck Strap

The Altura Rapid Fire Neck Strap is a simple, practical, and incredibly affordable camera sling. This sling includes a shoulder pad and a base plate camera connector. A small pocket is also present in the shoulder pad where you can store your batteries, memory cards, and other useful things. This sling is useful for those photographers who are beginners use a light camera, have a low budget, and trying out different cameras. All the things about the Altura Rapid Fire sling strap are good but the cheaper plastic components make it less durable and less strong. 

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