5 beginner tips for the balancer hoverboard & Electric Scooter

Hoverboard Balancer

Driving an hoverboard balancer is unfamiliar at first but with a little practice this type of locomotion becomes an experience. We give you five tips on how to quickly master the gadget.

1. Practice, but safely

If you want to complete your first few meters on an balancer you should definitely not do so on public sidewalks or paths. A fall cannot be ruled out, especially if you don’t yet have the desired balance and need to get a feel for the device. In this case, you don’t want to land on the hard asphalt or even on a road. In the best case you equip yourself with a helmet, knee and elbow pads and practice on a private asphalt or paved surface, for example. If you have enough space indoors to train you should remove as much furniture as possible, such as tables or chairs beforehand.

2. Seek help

The highest “accident rate” is probably the very first step onto an balance board. It is best to get help from a second person who will ensure that you get on the board safely. Ask your assistant to block the wheel with their feet so that it cannot roll forwards or backwards. You can also hold on to your helper until you find your balance on the board.

3. The first ride

Tricks or quick maneuvers should not be part of your first meters with the balance board. Just try to drive straight ahead at a steady, low speed. Shift your weight slightly forward and the board will move. A tip for more stability: bend your knees a little. This shifts your center of gravity down and you stand more securely on the balance board.

4. Rotate curves

If you can drive straight ahead, it’s time to practice cornering. To change direction on the balance board, move the corresponding balancer foot slightly further forward. Again, even a slight movement will cause you to turn, so be careful. Twist in place by tilting one foot forward and the other foot backward.

5. Solo exercise

Once you’ve done the first few laps it’s time to master the climbs and dismounts solo. After all, you can’t always ask a friend to help you. Hold on to a wall or railing for the first attempts to get on and off. Over time you get a better and better Hoverboards Christmas Sale feeling of how to descend safely. Gradually wean yourself off your ascension aid until you can master it all on your own.

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