soccer activity for youth

The best way to naturally bring out the competitive nature of your soccer players during practice is to incorporate 1 v 1 activities, small-sided games, and races. When there is a goal to score, a race to win, or an opponent to beat, the human spirit is instantly energized. Here are 5 simple yet competitive 1 v one soccer activities to help players improve their skills and ramp up their practices.

As we get into the activities, let’s look at five simple dribbling skills you can use to beat a defender on the court.


This is an easy activity where a player works to keep possession of a ball within a 10 x 10-yard box until the time runs out. To keep the players engaged, coaches can alternate the duration of the 1 v one battle so that they are always wondering when the game will end. Encourage the players to cheer as well!


  • Create several grids of 10 x 10 yards.
  • The first pair plays 1v1, while the next plays outside the grid.
  • Keep playing until the coach tells you to stop! 
  • Changing the duration of the game every time for intensity is recommended since the players will want to battle every second. 15 – 45 seconds is a standard time frame.
  • When a ball goes out of bounds, the pair outside plays a new ball.
  • The following two in line go after the game is over


  • Pay attention to the little details in tight spaces.
  • Keep your body between the ball and the defender to protect it.
  • Players in the center use shielding to maintain possession.
  • You don’t have to lose the ball, this is practice, and the whole point is to improve!



There will be one v one battles between players, in which each competitor works to cross an end line in a 10×10  yard box. The coach will keep soccer, and the players watching should cheer and encourage their teammates.


  • Create several grids of 16 x 10 yards.
  • Each line can have a maximum of three to four players.
  • In the center, two players play one v 1.
  • The game is directional.
  • Dribble over the opposing end line to score a goal.
  • After a goal is scored, the player first in line on that side dribbles in and plays one v 1.
  • The players return to their lines.
  • Restart with a dribble if the ball goes out of bounds.
  • Make it a team competition by keeping soccer!


  1. To get around defenders, keep the ball close.
  2. To build speed faster, take a more significant touch when next to/behind the defender.
  3. To cut off a defender’s recovery angle, your first touch should be behind them.
  4. You must be deceptive!

Take a chance and get in the zone

With this activity, the players have more space to dribble to (and defend against) and are required to soccer on a net for a point. It is essential for the players watching to be engaged and cheering for their teammates.


  • The field should be 15x20yds, with restraining lines 5 yards from each goal.
  • The team should be divided into two lines: defending and attacking.
  • When an attacker dribbles in, a defender from the opposite side comes to defend.
  • Before players can shoot on either of the goals on the end line they are attacking, they must dribble past the restraining line.
  • The following two players play whenever a goal is scored, or the ball goes out of bounds. Then, each player returns to their line, and the score is kept.
  • After 2 minutes, switch sides.


  1. Attack the defender with pace and creativity!
  2. Whenever possible, the attacker should face the defender. Turning their back on the defender ruins any momentum they may have.
  3. If the defender angles their body left, you should try to dribble to the right to throw them off balance.


As both players sprint to the ball, this activity adds a conditioning component. Once players claim the ball, they must dribble through the gates to shoot into the net. Again, watching players should encourage the two players to battle. It is always lovely to hear your teammates cheer for you. Coaches keep score and rotate the ball!


  • Make a 15 x 15 yd field.
  • Upon receiving a pass from the coach, players circle the cone on their left before running onto the field.
  • Before players can shoot, they must dribble through the gate in front of each of the four goals.
  • A goal scored is worth 1 point, and a move used to beat an opponent is worth 1 point.


  1. When attempting to get behind a defender, reinforce 1v1 moves constantly.
  2. When creating space away from the defender, use little touches instead of big ones.
  3. They know where the open spaces are to attack each goal on the field.
  4. Save 1 vs. 1 4 Goals & 4 Gates


With one soccer ball, three players, and one coach, this activity introduces wall passes, gives, and goes into gameplay.


  • About 20 yards apart, set up two lines of players facing each other.
  • Additionally, cones should be placed along the side opposite the coach so players can stay within a reasonable distance. This activity allows players to practice head-on 1 v 1 matches with passing options.
  • The offensive player’s overall goal is getting possession of the ball to the other line.
  • Passing the ball from the defensive player to the offensive player begins the activity.
  • Passing the ball from the defensive player to the offensive player begins the activity.
  • A defender challenges an offensive player.
  • A defender challenges the coach for a wall pass or dribbles around the defender.
  • It is worth 1 point if the offensive player makes it to the other side. It is worth 2 points if the defender takes the ball and makes it to the opposite side. It is worth 0 points if the ball goes out of bounds. 


  1. The offensive player should go straight to the defending player.
  2. The offensive player should use deception to go around the defender or pass and jump to space behind the defender.

The game is 1 versus 1 with Bumpers

You will use deception, creativity, and perhaps a wall pass to get a shot on the net in this 1 v 1 activity, building on the previous one and introducing wall passes, give and goes, and shooting.


  • Before taking a shot on goal, the offensive player can dribble around the defender or use a bumper.
  • Initially, this is a 1-on-1 soccer drill, with the option to add a bumper to make it a 2-on-1 training.
  • With the ball, F1 tries to score against D1’s defensive pressure.
  • P1 & P2 can be exploited to the advantage of F1.  
  • It should be encouraged for F1 to use a bumper for a give-and-go if they believe they can beat the D.
  • Bumpers can move soccer.
  • Offside rules should be used in practice.
  • Rotate players so they can practice being the shooter, defender, or bumper.


  1. The offensive player should use deception to confuse the defender.
  2. Call for the ball back after the player passes the ball to a bumper.  
  3. Players should run into the ball and shoot right off the pass if the bumpers play the ball to space.  
  4. The goalie must come out if the pass is too far out in front.

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