6 Best Attractions in Barcelona

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Everyone should go to Barcelona at least once in their lives everyone. There are no excuses. Barcelona is brilliant, bombastic, and bloomin’ fantastic. What are the best activities in Barcelona? We’re glad you inquired because we’ve done the legwork and compiled the ultimate Barna bucket list.

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1 Antoni Gaudi

The life’s work of Antoni Gaud, Catalonia’s most famous architect. To appreciate the 140 years of work that has gone into creating this (very) unique basilica. You couldn’t visit Barcelona and not its contrasting façades, sculpted details, and stained glass. Though walking past the building will fill you with awe, you’ll want to go inside to see everything that’s over the last few decades. Also, visit the crypt, where Gaud himself is buried.

2 La Rambla 

The most famous street in Barcelona, this 1.2km boulevard runs from Plaça de Catalunya to the statue of Christopher Columbus near the port. You’ll be walking down La Rambla anyway, so we’ll point out some of the best places to see, eat, drink, and do. Since March 2019, there has been a memorial to the victims of the terrorist attack on La Rambla in August 2017. Keep an eye out for it because it’s embedded in the ground near the Joan Miró mosaic, which you might walk right over if you’re not paying attention.

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3 Picasso Museum

Pablo Picasso’s personal collection of 4,000 works in Barcelona. See the artist’s early work and how his style evolved, especially between 1890 and 1904. Everything from his early sketches as a student to rough landscapes to his early forays into cubism can be here. Temporary exhibitions are creative and thought-provoking. ‘Picasso Discovers Paris’ and ‘Picasso’s Kitchen’ were two of our favorites.

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4 Barcelona Cathedral 

A Gothic place of worship, the foundations of which were in 1298. The final touches were not added until 1913. A visit to Barcelona Cathedral is unique. It took so long to construct that there are pieces dating back to the 11th century, Nordic-inspired elements on the 15th-century façade and recently reconstructed parts using the same Montserrat stone as the original. Visit the cloister and the crypt to see 13 happy geese and the remains of the 13-year-old martyr Eulàlia, to whom the cathedral is dedicated.

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5 Dos Pebrots 

Restaurants specializing in traditional Catalan cuisine. Eat like a Catalan when visiting Catalonia. Canons at Casa Agust, where the secret to their version of this iconic winter dish; moreish capital with chickpeas at Can Vilaró; and the hearty escudella stew at Ca l’Estevet. Dos Pebrots serves modern Catalan creations inspired by traditional Mediterranean recipes. Albert Raurich, a Michelin-starred chef, runs it.

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6 Gaudí Park

Park Güell, another major Gaud attraction, is a glorious tiled park complete with sculptures and gardens. Because you can never have enough Gaud. And to spend a day outside marveling at the eccentric architect’s wild ideas. Keep an eye out for the immaculate serpentine bench and the ‘hidden’ figure of a woman among the twisted stone columns. Also, make your way up to the park’s highest point, marked with a cross, for spectacular views of the city and out to sea.

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