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Rochester, the third-largest city in New York, is a fantastic place to visit with plenty to see and do. It has a rich industrial history and a thriving cultural scene to explore, as well as many excellent museums and art galleries. It is on the southern shore of Lake Ontario and is the rushing Genesee River, with High Falls in the centre being one of its most notable features. 

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1 Warner Castle

Warner Castle is in Highland Park and is a bit of a Rochester, New York hidden gem. Horatio Gates Warner built it as his private house in 1854. He was a wealthy man who wore many hats, including newspaper publisher, bank president, and even court judge! The house was to look like the Clan Douglas castle in Scotland, which Warner visited and fell in love with. One of the best and most enjoyable things to do in Rochester, NY is to stroll through them.

2 1872 Monument

The 1872 Monument is one of the New York attractions with an inspiring and dispiriting history. The late, great Susan B. Anthony marched from Madison Street to this precise location, leading a group of women, on the election day of its titular year. Despite the fact that women had not been voting rights, the men at the polling place were hesitant to break the law despite her persistence. This location used to be a barbershop where polls were held. It is a bronze sculpture of two pillars astride a locked ballot box.

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3 Watch A Local Performance

Local performances provide entertaining and enriching options for things to see. If you have some free time this weekend, why not try to attend one of these acclaimed New York shows? The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra is an excellent choice. It was in 1922 and is for its high standards and commitment to community education. This orchestra’s excellence and innovative talent have earned them national acclaim! It also hosts workshops, donates to charities, and offers classes through the Draper Center for Dance Education.

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4 High Falls

High Falls is a result of New York City’s unique location on the Genesee River. This allows one of the city’s top tourist attractions to be all-natural while remaining in the convenient centre of downtown. The Genesee River cascades down the escarpment from the cascading High Falls, falling 95 feet to its destination. Its historical buildings date back to the nineteenth century, which adds to its pleasing appearance. The view of High Falls from High Falls Terrace Park is breathtaking. Enjoy a fun meal at one of the restaurants while you’re there.

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5 Memorial Art Gallery

The Memorial Art Gallery in downtown Rochester, New York, is a wonderful community support and enhancement facility. It was founded in 1913 and spans 14 acres, with over 12,000 different contemporary items set up and displayed. The Memorial Art Gallery’s larger campus hosts a variety of activities such as tours, lectures, fin exhibitions, and even entertainment in the form of performances and concerts. 

6 House of Guitars

The House of Guitars is without a doubt one of the best things to do in Rochester, NY, especially if you enjoy music. It’s the world’s largest guitar store, founded in 1964 by brothers Armand and Bruce Schaubroek from their mother’s basement. They sold guitars at night and worked regular jobs during the day. Since its start, the House of Guitars has marketed its products to young people, offering modern options at reasonable prices. 

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