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With the advent of the internet, the world has become a global village amid its versatility. Google is the leading search engine that allows access to unlimited websites and webpages that are saved on its server, and Google is a collection of various web pages. To be a part of this world and to grow your purpose of availability, you must earn expertise in website development or hire a relevant expert in the said field. A website technically constitutes several elements from front-end to back-end development and anything between the two. The following are some terms you need to know about web development:

Components of a Website


What you read on a website is handled by working at the back-end of the website, and this is usually managed by a web developer who writes code and edits website content. 

Content management system (CMS)

It is software used to edit the website’s content, and WordPress is a famous example of this widely and accurately software. 

Responsive web design
Digital generated devices over a wooden table with responsive design website. All screen graphics are made up.


The website’s domain works as the website’s address, defines the website’s purpose, and ensures your presence on the website in web traffic. 


The front-end contains anything visual to the user, such as template, text, colour, photos and videos of the website. User interaction occurs on the website’s front end.


Headings refer to web designing. Fullheadings range from H1 to H2 with a transit font size. 

SEO Expert 

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial part of website development. SEO helps rank the website on top in search engine traffic. Its focus is on web optimization by implementing various technical strategies. 


Templates refer to built-in web design samples. A web designer can effortlessly create web design by using different available templates. Templates contain headings, tags etc. 


It refers to how users interact with the website. Hotjar is a famous tool used to check the user’s ease of using the website. 

User Experience 

User experience defines the best user experience with the website.

Web Designer Services

Who Develops a Website?

Web Designer and Web Developer

Web designers and web developers are two sides of the same coin. Design typically focus on the website’s front-end activities, e.g., website looks and user experience. In comparison, a web developer is a technical expert who writes codes at the website’s back-end. They collaborate with web designers to recreate the website following the designed illustrations.

A websiter focuses more on web graphics and user interaction with the website, and he makes the website look sleeker and more visual-friendly. A webdesigner creates infographics, headings and logos and works with a web developer. 

A Custom developer works at the back end. Web developers primarily handle web maintenance-related work, security and upgrading the website.

How to Get the Best of Both Things from a Web Development Agency?

Look if they offer both web design services and web developer services. As you know, a computer is useless without running software. Akin to the hardware. A web designer is futile if no web developer is available. You must go with that lucrative offer if a company offers both services. Because hiring both services in a big package seems more economical. 

Look if they provide SEO services 

SEO is an integral part of a website, as mentioned above. It helps find your website by more people when they are using google. SEO is essential to land your business on top of the search engine. You should hire a web development agency that offers you the best SEO services because, with SEO, most of the content comes from organic search.

Look if they offer web maintenance services

Website maintenance is imperative to the smooth working of a website. Website maintenance is costly because it requires both a web designer and a web designer. You must grab the deal if a web development agency provides this service. 

Who offers the best services in town?

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