Best Tools To Create A Twitter Wall For Events

twitter wall for events

A series of ideas to host a successful event has come up in recent years, and a Twitter wall is one of them. A Twitter wall is an exciting prospect that is providing tremendous results to event organizers. 

However, selecting a tool to create a Twitter wall is a dilemma in itself, given the plethora of Twitter wall tools available in the market. However, this blog will help you select the best Twitter wall tool for you and your organization.

We have mentioned only the best Twitter wall tools in this blog that would certainly help you achieve your target.

Best Twitter Wall Creation Tools


Taggbox is definitely one of the best Twitter aggregation tools, which enables you to show popular Twitter information in an interesting way in a Twitter feed. It features important components that contribute to making your Twitter feed more appealing and interactive.

It includes the ability to completely personalize your Twitter feed with a variety of feed theme options, adding a brand or promotional banner to your feed, choosing how posts are displayed, their layout & colors, editing the feed backdrop, and much more.

In accordance with your demands and requirements, you can also control the content. You can automate the process of removing offensive, irrelevant, and competitive information from your feed.

Additionally, it offers features like full-screen announcements, content play, custom posts, extensive analytics, show tickers, real-time content display, and many other customizable choices.

Hootfeed By Hootsuite

The well-known social media aggregator Hootsuite has unveiled Hootfeed, a service specifically designed to aggregate content from Twitter. Hootfeed enables you to broadcast a live Twitter stream on screens at events.

Full-screen Twitter feeds, content moderation and profanity filters, an interface that is simple to use and share with the audience, screen size modifications to match different display sizes, and increased feed customizability are all available.

With more personalization, you can create a feed that encourages the most audience involvement and engagement. Hootfeed is a simple and easy-to-use solution for your events.

It is simple to set up and can help you make your event successful. It does not require expert or technical skills.


A social media aggregation programme called Everwall enables you to gather and display Twitter material in a single Twitter feed. Everwall was earlier known as Tweetwall.

You can use this tool to modify your Twitter feed wall with a wide range of images, colors, and layouts.

Additionally, it offers the choice of showing Twitter content in real time, enabling you to include up-to-date and original content in your events. 

You can view those who have received the most interactions & engagements using its tracking of keywords & hashtags.

With the need for an internet connection and a display screen, installation is simple. Additionally, you can modify the content of the Twitter feed to suit your needs.

Twitter Fountain

The advantages of Twitter Fountain are numerous. First, there is a version that is completely free and still offers a tonne of features and levels of customization. 

Numerous search options are available, including those for terms, individuals with the ability to exclude particular words from the search, and even location, for example, only include Tweets within a certain radius of a location.

A drawback of the free version is that it would not provide you with the modernization feature.

You’ll need the paid version to receive moderation. This should cover you for your event or, if you have more, maybe for a couple.


Sociabble is effective for interoffice communication. The platform provides businesses with a range of options so they may enhance employee communications and create a workforce that is knowledgeable, involved, and influential. Users of Sociabble can highlight their favorite content on a social wall.

One can use simple real-time content aggregation to increase visibility. On top of that, it is easy to display the social wall’s responsiveness on any occasion.

Sociabble stands out as an anomaly because it is focused solely on employee communications. They contend that social media does a good job of educating personnel, which is essential for a firm to advance. As a result, they support brands in adding social media walls to corporate events.

Pigeon Hole

Pigeon Hole is one of the most customizable audience engagement platforms, creating captivating virtual, hybrid, and live event experiences for your audience.

With Q&As, Chats, Reactions, and more, you can encourage lively two-way conversations and foster a sense of community among your live and online audience. 

Wherever you decide to design your event, Pigeonhole Live connects seamlessly and is simple to customize to match your event identity.

Wrapping Up

Audience engagement is of utmost importance for making an event a hit which is why involving Twitter wall at events is important. However, Twitter walls need to be created in the best manner possible, and for that, you need the best tool. 

Some of these tools are mentioned in this blog. We understand that after reading this piece of content, you will be able to find out the tool that would match your objectives.

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