Criticism Comes To Those Who Stand Out


The aforementioned quote is from an American businessman and the author of over 18 books, Seth Godin. In his quote, the author laid down the principles and consequences of standing out, in that, if you ever try to step out of the ordinary, you are sure to attract credible criticism from around your surroundings. At some point in our lives, we all have faced criticism. Some were constructive, while others were destructive. However, it is not the act of receiving criticism that is damaging, but the reaction we tend to give up on facing harsh criticism.

According to the author, criticism is something you are bound to receive if you are someone who is ambitious and likes to do things your way. For instance, if a scholar is struggling with their dissertation and decides to get Top Essay Writing, it is a wise decision even if they receive criticism on it. Criticism is not something to shy away from. Criticism can be used in ways that are beneficial for you even if it is destructive and unfair. If you have found yourself in a position where you are being criticized for no reason, allow us to give you some ways to deal with it.

You Are in Control Against Criticism

Whenever you face any criticism regarding anything, always remember, you are the one in control. It is understandable to give in to your emotions and react, however, it is this urge that you need to fight. Understand that criticism is just an opinion of someone regarding yourself. They don’t know the entire story and you are not accustomed to explaining it to them.

Only you know yourself, and it is up to you to recognize whether the criticism is coming from a sincere place or not. So, don’t worry if you ever come across a situation of heavy criticism, take it with a smile and move on.

Good for Your Growth

Now, there are some criticisms that are constructive and are aimed towards your betterment. This type of criticism comes from your close friends and family. It is important to understand that when it comes to criticism, it can always be used to groom oneself. Not all criticism is bad even if they make you uncomfortable or hurt. A wise person understands the flaws and is always on the lookout to better and correct them.

No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws, and only the wise understand them properly. So, whenever a close friend or family criticizes something of yours, try to understand them. Look inwards and see whether what they are pointing out is true or not.

Don’t Retaliate On Criticism

It is quite common for people to retaliate or feel offended whenever they face criticism. However, it is in this situation that you have to be the bigger person. Even if you are offended, take it in, and accept it. When you retaliate, you are only acknowledging your defeat which is exactly what the person with the criticism wants.

According to the author, you are bound to receive criticism. People who are not on your level will only try to smear your work and dedication by criticizing you. They want a reaction out of you, and in such a situation, you have to keep silent. As Elbert Hubbard put it, “There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”

Emotional Maturity

You should always find silver linings in everything you are uncomfortable with. Take criticism, for example, if you take criticism often and are immune to it, it can directly help your emotional maturity. So, according to Law Essay Writing even if someone is trying to bring you down and you are aware of it, you can always smile and disregard it without justifying or fighting.

By doing that, you will be the bigger person, and the person who is unnecessarily criticizing you will appear as petty. When you are in control of your emotions, nobody can bring you down. Silence and patience are things found in successful people. You should always keep it to yourself and disregard any and every negative vibe coming your way.

Good for Your Confidence Against Criticism

If you are an ambitious person, you are sure to receive criticism left, right, and center. When you do big things in life, there will be people who will support you and there will be people who will criticize you. When you are aware of false and destructive criticism, you keep your confidence intact.

You don’t let words get to you and that is crucial for any successful person. Words are powerful, they can make or break a person. If you wish to stand out, you need to take into consideration that you will be receiving both hate and love. That is part of the game.

Better Relationships

There will be times when you are in conflict with your loved ones. If you have mastered the art of taking in criticism, you will develop and foster better relationships. Suppose, you are in a fight with your partner. Now, there will come a situation when words and emotions are flying across the room. Some would be hurtful, while others would be offensive.

In such a situation, you can easily remain calm if you have become comfortable with criticism. Being calm in a fight is a powerful thing, and you can only achieve this when you take criticism with a smile.

Appreciate the Criticism

Lastly, always appreciate someone giving their time to criticize you. You are not doing the hard work. They are the ones thinking about you and are passing the comments. All you are doing is listening. If it is constructive, see where you can better yourself. When it is destructive, smile and say thank you. If you are a scholar who is afraid of for getting dissertation writing services UK, don’t be. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging one’s limitations. One should always seek help when needed. Be a friend and no one will turn it against you.

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