Delayed speech in children What Should You Do?

Delayed speech in children What Should You Do?

Each child develops and learns at their own normal speech rate. This can be different for children of different ages.

There isn’t a specific timeframe for a child’s first speaking and using complete sentence or word.

In many instances, it has been found that in a child who has an natural birth, that the period for making sounds that are not meaningful extends from birth up to six months.

What is the typical case for a normal child?

In the first year of life the child could begin to use his first language that is understandable.

In the following year, the child is introduced to new words and can be able to increase his vocabulary by 20-30 words. There is then an increase in the amount of words that are used by a child.

A typical three-year-old child could use between 500 and 1000 words. The child might call names or create important sentences. This can be a significant increase when you are able to are able to communicate with your child effectively.

Signals for Speech Delay

The term “speech delay” is frequently mistaken as a delay in language. A delay in speech means that your child isn’t able to speak at all by the age of.

Language delays are quite normal for a lot of children, but when you notice that your child isn’t singing or making sounds before the age of two months, it is a sure sign that he has speech delays.

Don’t fret, with timely intervention and medical treatment, the issue of speech delay can be resolved.

Signals as well as Warning Signals

There are a few points to keep in mind when trying to make sure of the possibility that your child is suffering from difficulties with their speech.

In the event that your child is between 2 and 3 years old and doesn’t speak between 20 and 30 words, it could be an indication of speech delay.

Age 3 If the child you are raising is aged 3 years old and doesn’t know 200 words or finds it difficult to remember the names, then it could suggest that your child might require medical assistance.

What are the causes for Speech Relay?

Speech delays as we’ve discussed before may not be a cause for great concern but could suggest that your child is following an alternative timetable, and may eventually catch up.

There are a few more aspects to consider in this respect to ensure 100% of the matter.

The main causes for delayed speech can be due to the factors listed below.

Premature Birth

This implies that your child might have issues at birth and the child’s developmental processes didn’t get the time to fully mature. An in-depth assessment by a paediatrician can provide the most effective solution for this situation.

Hearing Impairment

If your child has hearing issues from birth, it will affect his capacity to speak effectively and in a proper way. Since a child can’t communicate on their own, and is unable to discern the problem, so it is important to keep an eye regarding this.

It is possible to identify the difficulties with hearing that your child due to the fact that they’ll struggle to make apt sounds . They will also not be able recognize objects through sound, but they can be able to do this if you employ gestures and signs.

Communication Gap

A child who is growing will only be able to learn new words if you practice the words together. The gap in communication has been proven to be the main factor in the development of speech delays for children growing.


It is possible that your child is deficient in the nutrition essential for proper expansion and growth. This could mean that your child might have difficulties with speech.

Providing the proper amount of food during the first years of their lives is vital because it can aid in the physical and mental development and growth.

The latest study on children suggests that there are instances of behaviour and developmental problems among children, which are associated with extreme malnutrition.


If your child is autistic and is struggling, it might be difficult to comprehend and learn new terms. Autism children tend to be shy and will be reluctant to engage in eye contact with anyone or anything for longer time. Make an effort to comfort your autistic child, and then find a different route that is an alternative method to communicate to your child.

If your child is diagnosed with autism, firstly, you must to keep your motivation up since many parents believe that it’s impossible to make any positive impact on the child’s development.

Here are some fantastic suggestions you can follow to handle autistic children.

Which are treatment options?

The treatment options for delayed speech can be a variety dependent on the cause and medical problems.

On a more basic level it is proven to be of tremendous aid.

Speech Therapy

Therapy for speech and language can greatly increase speaking ability. Therapy for speech is an technique that not all people are aware of how to manage it.

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Early Medical Intervention

It is essential to treat the condition as soon as you can since it has been proven to improve the chance that your child will be able to feel normal. Not only will this assist your child gain confidence but also make them capable of speaking normally.

Research has revealed that language and speech delays can cause difficulties with reading in elementary schools.

Resolving the Problems Underlying it

As we have come to learn that delayed speech is frequently caused by other problems that could include hearing or vision issues.

Therefore, addressing the issues could assist in achieving desired outcomes and can help in addressing the speech difficulties of your child.


It is essential to feed your toddler as well as infants, and can help to develop properly. Breast milk is believed to be a source of all the nutrients needed by children for not just physical development but also for mental development and growth.

The benefits of breastfeeding have been proven to improve the mental abilities of children.

The nutrients found within breastmilk are beneficial for brain health.


Speech delay is seen in a lot of children, but there is always an opportunity to improve. The best medical guidance and medical treatment could prove beneficial for your child’s ability to feel at ease. It is important to taken into consideration that flowers, despite being are grown in the same environment flower in their own time.

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