Delicious Treats For The Cravings Of Foodies

We are all quite busy due to the hectic nature of modern life. We are so swamped with work that we have no time left over for recreation. However, the implementation of lockdown provides some much-needed relief. In spite of all the drawbacks, being on lockdown can be beneficial because it provides more time and privacy for engaging in pleasurable activities.

Everyone who loves to cook is having a great time during the lockdown by preparing delicious meals for their loved ones. As a matter of fact, some have even gone into the culinary arts full-time. We have delicious recipes that will have you forgetting about KFC, McDonald’s, and any other fast food joint.

Whether it’s for reasons of cleanliness, financial savings, or the opportunity to try new things in the kitchen, homemade meals will always win out. You can personalise the dish to your liking by adjusting the proportions of the ingredients.

Chinese Noodles Bhel:

Noodles have no enemies. Noodles, whether hakka or street style, are a crowd pleaser. The noodle dish we present to you is called Bhel and it is both simple and delicious. The dish combines elements of both traditional Chinese noodles and traditional Indian bhel. This dish combines two delicious favourites into one delicious meal.

·        Cook instant noodles according to the package directions. Cold water and a strainer are all that’s needed after the noodles have boiled.

·        Sprinkle some corn flour and oil droplets over the noodles.

·        Make sure they get nice and toasty in the fryer. Place on a platter and order out

·        So, grab a bowl and toss some noodles in there. Put in some chopped onions, peppers, cabbage, and tomatoes. Scatter herbs, then drizzle with Schezwan sauce. Scchezwan sauce is the key to experiencing true Chinese food.

·        Stir together and serve. Be careful not to break up the noodles as you stir.

Maggie Burgers:

Again, this recipe combines two of your favourite foods into one satisfying package. Potatoes are disliked by many people due to their high glucose content, while others avoid oily foods and others are always looking for new fusion dishes. Everything is in order with this one.

·        Do as you would with your maggie. Cook up some slightly thick maggie. Get it into a mould and let it cool.

·        Rather than making your own burgers, go out and get some. If you like your crackers crunchy, give them a quick toast in the microwave with some butter.

·       On the inside of the buns, spread some mayonnaise.

·        Free Maggie from the mould by cutting around her with a circular cutter. Like tikkis, your maggie will be round.

·        Put them on the bun. Close the bun around the cheese and enjoy.

Nachos Tender Chicken:

This is a recipe for the meat eaters among us. Make your normally juicy and tender chicken into a crispy delight with this recipe. We figured out that you were craving nachos, so we added them to the mix. The dish is appropriate for both lunch and dinner.

·        Put the chicken in a clear glass serving dish.

·        Marinate it overnight in the fridge after pouring buttermilk over it.

·        In order to prepare a baking sheet, take a sheet of parchment paper and set it aside.

·        Mix a little flour, one egg yolk, and some ground-up nachos in a blender.

·        Chicken breasts should be drained of any excess milk before being coated in a combination of flour, egg, and nachos..

·        Spray oil and bake until golden brown.

·        Use salsa as a dipping sauce.

Fried Rice:

Provide a vegetarian-friendly main dish for one meal. Here’s a recipe for a fast fried dish that’s packed with vegetables to keep you and your family satisfied for hours. Since we are in the midst of summer, fried rice accompanied by raita is a great option.

·       Make some rice and set it aside to cool.

·        Heat oil in a skillet and stir-fry your preferred vegetables (mushrooms, onions, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, squash, etc.).

·        Don’t forget the spices and seasonings to go with those vegetables. For even more flavour, stir in some fried rice masala.

·        Next, add the previously boiled rice and continue cooking for another two minutes.

These appetisers and meals are perfect for the forthcoming special days or any other celebration. If so, order cake delivery in Pune at your house, as a sweet conclusion is obligatory.

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