Don’t Use a Whiteboard Animation Video! (Until You Read This)

Animated Whiteboard Videos

Do you want to produce an explainer film using whiteboard animation? Or, are you thinking about promoting your company with a whiteboard animation video? Read this blog to know more.

You’ve seen some amazing animated videos and want to use one for your company. Although it is an excellent idea, you must consider all the relevant factors before taking a decision. Whiteboard explanatory videos are widely employed in marketing and have been used by different recognized companies, such as Coca-Cola or Apple.

Do you think incorporating a whiteboard video into your marketing plan would be a good idea? Well, after reading this, you might want to think twice! Whiteboard animated video production can provide fantastic results when used appropriately. Still, it’s rarely the preferred method in most marketing situations! Today, we’ll explain the no’s and don’ts of whiteboard animation video and why it is a bad idea to use it.

Let’s begin!

  1. Do You Want a Colorful Video?

Movies can be disappointing for some viewers or can go unnoticed in cinemas. The reason, probably boredom. The same thing goes with whiteboard animation videos. If you want colors and splashes of shades in your video, then this animation type is not for you. Moreover, if you are a smart individual who likes to create differentiation among the target market, then choosing a whiteboard animation video will not be a good choice.

  • If You Need a Short Video (60 Seconds or Less)

The main objective of a whiteboard video is to convey your idea convincingly through narration, creative visuals, and background vocals. Use a whiteboard animation film accordingly if you require a one-minute or shorter in-and-out video advertisement or marketing piece. It is a slow-paced video that requires more viewership to improve engagements. This can be a costly endeavor, especially for those who are budget-bound.

  • Appealing to a Younger Audience?

Whiteboard animation uses a slower tempo and a simple black-and-white look, unlike other videos. These clips may work with adults or grown-ups but for teens and youths, they may be monotonous and somewhat, annoying. Moreover, they are viewed as bland and more prone to serious topics, such as formal meetings, businesses, and more.  

  • What If the Message Is Simple?

Whiteboard animation offers a key benefit of making complex ideas effortless to understand. But what if your message is already too simple? Choosing this video type will not be a good idea then. Whiteboard animated movies are less adaptable than other videos because they use the same template and design. This implies that amid a sea of other whiteboard videos, it is doubtful that yours will stand out.

Consider them complementary opposites: simple subjects benefit from elaborate, visually stimulating videos, whereas a complex concept is better communicated with a smoother, less cluttered piece, like a SaaS video. So, if your message requires a flashier video style, then whiteboard animation is not a feasible option.

  • Care to Make an Impression?

The words “minimalist,” “cartoony,” and “uncluttered” all describe whiteboard animation style.  “Awesome,” “vibrant,” and “dazzling”? Hmm… Not so much. You should choose anything else than a whiteboard video if you want to amaze the viewers in a matter of seconds with dramatic visuals and quick shots.

Whiteboard films are relatively easy to make because they adhere to a specific style. Although this can appear to be a plus, it is a drawback when you take into account the quality of animated whiteboard films. A whiteboard video requires time and accuracy to ensure that the drawings are lined up with the hand or pen seen on film. This would, in turn, reduce the anxiousness of the viewers in waiting for a trailer clip. Unfortunately, not many businesses take this seriously, which is why a lot of whiteboard movies come off as a little sloppy. So, if you plan to invest, ensure that the company is reliable and trustworthy.

  • Looking for Emotional Impact?

You can utilize a variety of marketing video formats and strategies to touch your audience’s heart. Whiteboard video, however, is not one of them. Yes, several black-and-white videos are available, but if your video lacks the essential components that define a whiteboard video, it isn’t one at all. It’s important to note that comedy is a vital component of the recipe for whiteboard cartoons. But other than that, this approach isn’t the most effective at evoking an emotional reaction in the audience. There are better approaches than a whiteboard explainer film to induce the audience for enjoyment.

  • Do You Need a Video Ad?

A successful video ad, also known as a compelling advertisement, must be attractive and succinct. (remember, 60 seconds or less). Even YouTube keeps non-skippable commercials under 20 seconds, so you have less time to deal with them. They are designed to enter the market swiftly, get consumers thinking about your company, and leave before wasting too much time. Whiteboard animation videos require more time to be effective, as we have already indicated. Therefore, if you have a short time window, try using a different style for your video advertisement.

  • If You Need to Showcase a Product

Product videos are a particular kind of marketing video used to highlight the essential benefits of a product. These videos showcase the characteristics in real-world circumstances, unlike explainers, which employ a storytelling formula to deliver a message. Moreover, these videos are monotonous for viewers, propelling low recall and incomplete viewing.

Video Jeeves, a creative video animation company employs live-action video and 3D animation for screencap videos or 2D animation for digital goods like software platforms or apps. A whiteboard animation video is not the ideal choice for your product promotion, especially if you want to demonstrate different aspects related to your product.

  • Catering to B2C or C2C?

If you want to attract the attention of B2C or C2C companies, then a whiteboard animation video will not be a good choice because these videos are linked to high-volume information and B2B businesses. Or, when the information is complex and a company requires videos to exemplify it. Whiteboard animation videos are simple to understand and difficult to cater to customers of varied tastes.

Wrapping Up

So guys, there you have it. Try to use something different than a whiteboard animated movie if you find yourself in any of the scenarios we discussed above! Other video packages or types can suit your preferences, whether you want to promote your next movie or educate individuals on different topics. While a fantastic whiteboard cartoon film can benefit you and your brand in many ways, the format isn’t an excellent fit for all marketing scenarios.

There’s undoubtedly a better option out there for you if you only need a relatable advertisement, an animated video, or some banners or flyers. We guarantee that the results will be favorable if you make the most of your whiteboard films by utilizing them to explain complicated concepts or as top-of-the-funnel evergreen instructional content.

So, the next time you want to opt for whiteboard animation videos or any other type, then connect with us and forget your worries! We will make sure that the video(s) will cater to your needs effectively.

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