Everything You Must Know About Rigid Setup Boxes Wholesale


A brand always looks for quality packaging. Yes, each packaging material indeed offers strength but to different degrees. You may have seen different packaging materials available at different stores.

Packaging depends not only on the product but the customer’s type. A customer belonging to the high class will be shopping from expensive brands. And if you are one of them, you must know about the rigid setup boxes at wholesale rates. 

Wholesale dealers know the importance of saving money, so they jump into the business. There are many wholesale dealers, and the best ones are the packaging companies you get in touch with. 

You can have wholesale rates for your small rigid boxes when you contact a packaging company. There are many benefits of rigid box houses. 

Rigid Boxes Offer Optimum Strength

When it comes to packaging materials, rigid boxes are the ones that give the product optimum protection. Their manufacturing is solid; therefore, they offer the best protection. A rigid box, as the name suggests, is very hard. It has excellent denting and crushing resistance. 

This box also has no effect when water is spilled on it. It can easily protect the product under extreme weather conditions like snow and water. If you are looking for packaging like this, you must go for rigid box packaging. 

Due to its strength, many brands use rigid apparel boxes. You know that apparel needs to be placed in an excellent box because nobody wants to take the risk of damaging the apparel.

A bride would never want to have her dress packed in paperboard or even a kraft box. Why? Because she knows the kind of strength a rigid box can provide that no other packaging material can offer. 

It Offers Various Styles

Rigid setup boxes wholesale manufacturers provide the brand with a list of styles they want to have for the box. Most of the time, the shape and style depend on the product. For instance, you cannot pack your bridal dress in a telescope box. 

You need a flattened surface, more like a square shape, for your apparel. But at times, it is only a matter of attraction. With versatility in styles, you can go for any type of box. 

Rigid setup boxes wholesale dealers most of the time offer the following styles: 

  • Book Box Style
  • Lid Box Style
  • Hinged Box Style
  • Flap Box Style
  • Drawer Style
  • Sleeve Style Rigid Box 
  • Telescope Box
  • Neck And Shoulder Box

Book Box Style 

This style offers a unique outlook when placed among other products on the shelf. Book style box, as the name suggests, opens like a book to reveal the contents. 

Sometimes there is a window patching so customers can look at the product before finalizing a purchase. 

A book-style box can have books inside, but it is unnecessary to have them just for books. You can pack anything you want in your book-style box. 

You can get this style from any custom rigid boxes wholesale manufacturer. 

Lid Box Style

Lid boxes are one of the most beautiful boxes in rigid packaging. They offer a smooth unboxing experience, and thus, they are one of the customers’ favorites. You can use lid boxes for your products in many ways. 

Hinged Box Style

The hinged box style further divides itself into different types. You can have hinged boxes when you want 

Flap Box Style

Flap boxes look cute, and most of the time, they are supported by small ribbons on either side to the lid can stand on top of the base. The top is free from three sides but attached from one to give a different look. Most of the time, there are different approaches to ensure the product remains safe inside the flap boxes. 

One of them is to have jute around the box in a pleasing way that it almost looks vintage. The jute can easily be undone to open the flap and use the contents. This box offers a smooth unboxing experience. 

Another way is to have a magnetic chip to ensure the safety of your product. One side of the lid has a magnet that attracts the magnet placed in one of the box’s walls. The magnetic side falls slightly over the base’s wall to ensure the product remains safe. 

Drawer Style

Drawer style offers you a little drawer rigid box and is the best option for your accessories. Tired of using plastic bags for your earrings and other small jewelry items? Try the drawer style box and give customers something to gawk at.

They will place these drawer style boxes on their dressing tables, and hence they can use them for storing different items. These boxes can also be used as custom rigid gift boxes. 

Sleeve Style Rigid Box 

Sleeve style box also comes with a smooth unboxing experience. The product will remain safe even if you turn it upside down because a sleeve protects the box. 

A sleeve-style rigid box has a base box without any lid, which is then covered with a sleeve to ensure the optimum safety of the product. 

Telescope Box

Telescope boxes are long tubes like a telescope that either come with two openings or one. In most cases, one side is part of the base, and thus, it offers only one side from where you can open the box. 

There are two types of telescope boxes;

  • Partial Telescope 
  • Full Telescope

You can try these boxes for your different products for customers’ attention. 

Neck And Shoulder Box

Neck and shoulder boxes offer a unique style. It is much like the lid boxes; however, the only difference is the neck that sits on top of the shoulder. There are three main parts in this box. The lid, the neck and the shoulder. 

The shoulder is the base on which the neck sits, and it is then covered by the lid. Most of the time, the neck is visible even after the lid is placed, but sometimes it is not. 

It Can Be Customized In Many Ways 

You can customize rigid boxes in many ways. Choosing the design, style, size, finish, add-ons, and whatnot all come under the umbrella of customization. If you want to go for inks, try using black, red, white, or mixed colors on your rigid boxes. 

However, if it is about designs and colors, go for these:

  • Monochrome Packaging 
  • All-Black Packaging 
  • Minimalism With Pastels 
  • Nude Colors For Serene Look
  • Bold Designs

Monochrome Packaging

Monochrome packaging helps in creating a calm look for the packaging. It helps to be the center of attention because of the one color used thoroughly. Most brands like using two or three colors for their packaging boxes. But if you want something eye-catching, you may go for the monochromatic look. 

A plain red rigid setup box will attract customers because red is bold and speaks volumes to customers. Similarly, if you go for a blue color, it speaks of royalty. You can pick any color to speak on your brand’s behalf and see how it brings home sales. 

All-Black Packaging

You can also go for all-black packaging. This type is different from a monochrome look because you need to top it off with gold specks to make it appear authentic royal packaging.

An all-black packaging helps in keeping the attention to itself. No matter how many colors are added and how many families of colors take over, no one can surely ever replace the power black holds in packaging.  

Minimalism With Pastels

Pastels and minimalism fit like Cinderella and the glass shoe. If you want to grab your customer’s attention and save money simultaneously, we suggest you try minimalism. A minimal design means that you don’t need to go to lengths to add different designs, and thus, you can save money spent on printing. 

When colored in pastels, the packaging offers a fresh and relaxed vibe, and most people crave it. Try lavender or lilac for your rigid setup boxes and explore other possible colors. 

Nude Colors For Serene Look 

If it is cosmetic packaging, go for nude colors. You can try different skin shade tones to add a nice look to the packaging. Many rigid setup boxes wholesale dealers come with that have all these different shades of one color you may try. 

Bold Designs

You can also go for bold designs because not everyone loves to have minimal designs. Bold designs can be a valuable tool in attracting people because they can use them as storage boxes on their dressing tables. 

Summarizing The Discussion 

These are some of the things you must know about rigid boxes. If you want to have, them contact a rigid setup boxes wholesale manufacturer because wholesale rates always help save money. 

Buying wholesale rigid boxes helps you for future purchases as you can avail of different discount coupons on your next purchase. 

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