How do I Fix Printer Error Code 5100


Are you facing trouble using your Canon printer? Is your device showing an printer error code 5100? If yes, this guide will give you an insight on how to resolve this Canon Pixma ip110 error code 5100.

Seeing the error code 5100 on your Canon printer likely denotes an issue with the ink cartridges or that the printer is stuck and unable to print. For most of it, it is better to fix such issues at a reliable Canon printer service. But, like most times, you can attempt a few ways to resolve the problem yourself. Otherwise you can also visit printer repair dubai. 

Canon is one of the most trusted and popular printer brands globally. Millions of people use varieties of Canon printers at home or offices or in schools. With technological advancement, their printers are also evolving and now come with highly equipped technologies. You can always expect to find a lot of functionalities on Canon printers. 

And similar to any other printer or machine, they will develop some errors over time. The Canon tr150 error code 5100 is a standard printer problem that users worldwide encounter. While you learn why this particular error occurs, you can troubleshoot them with the solutions here.  

How does the Canon Printer error code 5100 occur?

Your Canon printer is showing error code 5100 for several reasons besides carriage issues. Suppose you know the exact cause of the error. In that case, it becomes easier to resolve the matter rather than trying out all the possible solutions. So, here are a few reasons that might trigger the error code 5100 on your printer. 

  • When you do not clean the printer regularly, allow unwanted particles and components like debris, dirt, and dust to sit in the parts of the device. That is also often a reason why the error code 5100 occurs. 
  • As much as keeping the outer parts of the printer clean is essential, you should take note of the interiors. Particles in the air can, over time, settle down and disrupt the printer’s functioning, resulting in the error code 5100. 
  • When the ink cartridges of your Canon printer are not compatible with the device, this error might happen. 
  • The error code 5100 will affect your printer if the print head is not clean or outdated. 
  • The printer will display the error code 5100 if the ink cartridges are not appropriately placed in the machine. 
  • The paper you use should also fit the printer’s requirements concerning paper thickness and size dimensions. 
  • Another reasonable cause for this error is paper pieces getting stuck in the machine. 
  • A type of issue with the printer’s ink absorber is another big green flag to error code 5100. 
  • Suppose there is anything that is obstructing the machine from printing correctly. In that case, there is a good chance for error code 5100, among many other errors. 

Now that you know why your canon printer might show the error code 5100, let’s get into the possible and valuable solutions hereafter. 

Solutions to fix Canon tr150 error code 5100. 

Since you regularly use your canon printer, you must try to keep the machine in its best condition to prevent any unwanted errors. While minor issues can be easily and quickly resolved, some more significant problems may take longer to fix. As a result, all your work will halt for the time being. 

Here are the few quickest techniques to troubleshoot the error code 5100 on printers. 

Solution 1: Reset or power cycle the Canon printer.

This is the most straightforward way to try to fix the error code 5100 on your Canon printer. A power cycle will shut down and flush out unwanted broken system configurations. When the machine reboots, new formats will automatically be forced onto the printer. 

So, here is how you power cycle or reset the printer. 

  • Shut down the Canon printer and remove all the connected power cords or cables. 
  • Please wait a few minutes before replugging all the power cables to their correct places on the printer. 
  • Switch on the machine and press down on the “Resume” button for a while. 
  • When the machine starts blinking lights, let go of the button. 

You have now successfully reset your canon printer. Try giving a printing command to check for the error again. If there is no error message, the issue is resolved. Or else, you can try other solutions to fix the error code 5100 if not set yet. 

Solution 2: Reset the Canon printer’s Ink Cartridges. 

The error code 5100 in Canon printers occurs due to carriages or ink cartridges in the first place. The chances are improper installation or misplacement of the cartridges in the machine. Hence, resetting them might solve the issue. 

These are the steps to reset the ink cartridges on the printer:

  • First, turn off the printer and unplug the machine from the power source. 
  • Remove all the connected cables to the machine as well. 
  • Now, get the ink cartridges in the machine and check for any problems. 
  • If there are any, fix them and seat them correctly in their proper places. 
  • Now, turn on the printer machine and reconnect all the necessary cables to the printer. 

Now continue to a printing command and check for errors again. 

Solution 3: Clean the Canon printer

As not cleaning the machine is a potential reason for the occurrence of error code 5100, the following technique is to clean the printer inside and out regularly. 

Canon printers or any other printer have a while-colored plastic strip inside the machine. That plastic strip is the printing strip or encoder. It is located right about the drive belt. Eros is bound to occur if this printing strip is unclean. 

Therefore, while you clean the outer parts of the printer machine, check inside the machine and clear whatever is there to clean. Do not forget to clean the printing strip. Use a soft or dry cloth to wipe the strip. You can use some amount of rubbing alcohol. Proceed with caution, though. You would not want to harm the light strip. 

Open up the parts if possible to remove the machine from any dust particles. Make sure to keep the device shut down when cleaning. Grab a clean and soft cloth material, damp it a little, get some rubbing alcohol, and start cleaning. If you cannot reach any part, do not insert pressure. You might end up damaging something. 

Solution 4: Reset the Canon printer’s Ink Absorber. 

Every printer has an ink absorber in them. They absorb the ink residues or waste in the printer. If the ink absorber is not doing its job, the error code 5100 might occur. If that is the case, you should try resetting the ink absorber. Here’s the process. 

  • Switch off the printer and remove all the connected power cords or cables to the machine. 
  • Now switch on the printer again. 
  • While holding its power button, reconnect all the power cords and necessary wires again. 
  • Release the button and wait for some time. 
  • Press down on the power button again to successfully complete the resetting of the ink absorber in the machine. 

Solution 5: Remove any paper jams in the printer. 

Paper jamming is a common problem among printers. But it is also a reason why error code 5100 happens. If you see pieces of paper jammed in the machine, you should clean them as it could result in more severe errors to the printer. So, how do you remove those jammed papers from inside the machine? Here’s the process to do so. 

  • Make sure to turn off the printer before anything. 
  • Now, remove the paper output cover from the machine. 
  • Check for pieces and bits of paper jammed into the cartridge holder. 
  • If there is any, remove the cartridge holder and get rid of the papers in them. 
  • Proceed with caution while doing so. 
  • When the cartridge holder is free of any paper bits, put the holder in its rightful place and close the outer cover. 
  • Now, reload a fresh set of printing papers to the machine. 

The error code 5100 to your Canon printer will be solved now. 

Solution 6: Remove any obstructions in the printer’s pathway. 

Even a single piece of unwanted string can obstruct the printer’s pathway and stop the machine from properly functioning. Since the movement of paper is somehow blacked, the printing is stuck. When the paper cannot move smoothly, the pathway is possibly blocked. That often results in error code 5100. 

That is why it is necessary to keep the printer machine clean and free of any unwanted particles in the pathway. Check the cartridges for any obstructions in them. You can never be sure, right? What if there is a dead mouse inside the machine? So, for safety and cleanliness purposes, proper maintenance is essential. 

Last thoughts

So, your canon printer may be showing error code 5100 due to several underlying causes. When you know the reason, you can apply the right solution effectively. We hope this guide to resolving error codes will help you with your printer issues. For any queries, leave a comment here. 

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