Four ways to use credit cards to improve your CIBIL score

CIBIL score

Credit cards are useful tools that can be used effectively to meet short-term financial goals. In fact, purchases can be made a lot more affordably with modern credit cards as they are equipped with many useful features. For example, the right credit card can help you make big expenses affordable by splitting them into instalments. Such a provision has many advantages; the most important one being reduced strain on your savings. It can also improve your CIBIL score by helping you establish a repayment track record. You can conduct a free CIBIL score check online through a CIBIL score login.

There are many ways to use a credit card to boost your credit score. As it is a credit instrument, using it wisely can add to your credit exposure. What is more! Financial institutions such as banks rely greatly on CIBIL scores to decide whether or not to grant credit cards or loans. So, it would be best if you used your credit card wisely. In this blog, we will discuss four different methods that can be employed to increase your free CIBIL score with a credit card. 

The CIBIL full form is the Credit Information Bureau of India Limited. Of the four credit information firms granted a license by the Reserve Bank of India, the Credit Information Bureau of India Limited (CIBIL full form) is the most well-known. 

Four ways to use credit cards to improve your CIBIL score

Choose the right type of credit card:

It is a lot easier now to get credit cards. In fact, many financial institutions extend special offers for the same. Each of these offers leads to a credit application that requires issuers to make a hard inquiry into your CIBIL report. These inquiries lead to lowering the free CIBIL score, so you should not be hasty and accept any offer you get. It is wise to choose a credit card that best suits your needs. This will help you make the most out of any perks or benefits offered without needing several active credit cards.

Maintain a healthy credit utilisation ratio:

You shouldn’t use the entire limit of your credit card, rather, maintain the ideal credit utilisation ratio. Your issuer will assign you the maximum limit on your credit card based on their assessment of your credit and overall financial profile. Although you can use the full limit assigned to you, you should still use it wisely. It is best to maintain a credit utilisation ratio of around 30%. This depends on your total limit, and your free CIBIL score will be reduced if you exceed this limit. It has been proven that maintaining the right credit utilisation ratio helps you improve your credit score.

Pay your credit card bills on time:

Ensuring timely payments is the most important rule of using credit cards. There is a payment window specific to every bill, and you have an option to either pay the whole outstanding due or pay the minimum amount. Always pay the entire credit card bill if improving your free CIBIL score is something you want. This habit of paying the entire due amount will help you build a steady repayment history, boosting your score significantly. You can check your CIBIL score details via a CIBIL score login and access your CIBIL report online to see how it works. 

Plan, monitor, and predict your credit card expenses:

This is a simple way to maintain an ideal credit utilisation ratio. When you monitor your expenses and strive to use those wisely, it helps maintain a good credit history as the details of your transactions, outstanding balance, and available limit are revealed. 


We hope that the tips given above will help you understand different ways that can be used to make the most out of your credit card while also improving your CIBIL score using it. You must remember that good credit card health starts with healthy financial habits. CIBIL is a very trusted and reliable credit rating agency. Therefore, CIBIL credit and score are crucial tools that can easily get you loans and credit cards. However, to maintain these credits and scores, you should know how the platform works. For new users knowing the CIBIL full form is not enough. You need to know the details of it, like how it works and how you can take full advantage of it. 

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