Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja: A Complete Guide to Its Benefits

Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja

According to Vedic astrology, there are a total of 27 nakshatras. The planets Rahu and Ketu dominate the nakshatras known as Gand Mool Nakshatras. Among the 27 nakshatras, Ashwini, Ashlesha, Magha, Jyestha, Moola, and Revati are gand mool nakshatras. A person is considered to have mool dosha if they were born under one of these six natal stars. By doing Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja, the consequences of such nakshatras can be neutralized. Let’s examine it in more depth.

Inauspicious Results of Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja

A person is more likely to have unfavorable outcomes in life if they are born with mool dosha in their nakshatra. The unfavorable effects of mool nakshatra have an impact on the locals and their families.

  • The father suffers when a child is born during the first stage of Mool Nakshatra, and the mother suffers during the second stage. Although having a baby in the fourth trimester is considered lucky, the third stage makes things difficult financially.
  • The father is the Ashwini nakshatra’s initial stage. Therefore, if you are born at this point, the father can experience some problems. However, when a child is delivered at a different stage, favorable outcomes follow.
  • In regards to Aslesha nakshatra, the initial phase is regarded favorably. The third stage is unlucky for the mother, the second stage is bad for finances, and the fourth stage is bad for the father. The Gand Mool nakshatra Shanti puja issues will become apparent within the first two years of life.
  • The mother and father experience strange outcomes when their child is born during the first and second phases of the Magha nakshatra. It is lucky to be born in another state.

Remedies for Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja

By energizing the Lord of the Janma Nakshatra, one might mitigate the negative effects. Additionally, this results in positive outcomes. Ashwini, Magha, or Mool nakshatra births should make Lord Ganesha happy. These people are required to continuously give earthy-hued clothing or a cat’s-eye gemstone on a Wednesday or Thursday. A person like that might also acquire anything he wants.

If you are in the nakshatras of Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, or Revati, you should pray to the planet, Mercury. On a Wednesday, those born under this nakshatra should provide green vegetables, green coriander, emerald gemstones, copper kitchenware, amla, and other such items. By conducting the appropriate mool nakshatra or gand mool puja, all of these things are possible.

What is Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja?

Nakshatra of Mool Gand Pandits recommends Shanti Puja to lessen the negative effects of Mool Dosha in a person’s horoscope. This puja aims to lessen the sorrow and cynicism that result from being born under unclean nakshatras. The kid, guardians, or another family member may be impacted by the moon’s level at the time of birth, depending on the circumstances. Around 27 days after the baby is born, the freshly conceived child’s horoscope’s faulty combination is remedied. However, if this has not been done, all of the negative consequences are likely to occur soon.

The Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja is a big cycle that takes a lot of time, yet it helps in escaping the negative effects of the Mool nakshatras. There are 27 nakshatras, or star clusters, according to the compositions of astrology, or Jyotish Shastras, as was previously indicated. They correspond to the 27 divisions of the lunar path. Similar to how the year is divided into 27 sections, the moon’s path is divided into phases. Along with it, it has a celestial body that is divided into four phases.

When Should We Do Gand Mool Nakshatra Shanti Puja?

This puja can be carried out on any auspicious day, but it is especially conducted on the twenty-seventh day after a child enters the household. This pooja will be performed only if the infant is born during the gand mool nakshatras. Wearing jewels and performing this puja has enormous benefits in counteracting the negative effects of the gand mool nakshatras. 

Nakshatra Shanti Puja benefits

To counteract the bad effects of planets throughout their main or minor phases. The significance of this puja has also been mentioned by Hindu pandits as a means of obtaining favorable results from the planets. People must ceremonially energize Nakshatra with mantras and gifts. Increases internal drive and assurance to produce favorable results. Also determines the viewpoint, fate, nature, etc. Affects the mental state and also plays a role in predetermination. Energizing the nakshatra is crucial for shaping the psychological state, which will also increase positive karma.

  • Puja promotes confidence.
  • Aids in maintaining a happy marriage
  • Aids every member of the family who is impacted by the individual with the mool nakshatra.
  • Reduces anxiety and sadness
  • Helps one achieve their life’s goals.

A conclusion

Out of the 27 nakshatras, six are gand mool nakshatras, which are viewed as being highly fortunate. Therefore, it is crucial to activating these nakshatras and conduct puja for the appropriate god in order to counteract the consequences. Otherwise, it can have an impact on everyone connected to the person who was born under the gand Mool Nakshatra. An expert astrologer will assist you in thoroughly analyzing the horoscope to determine whether or not this puja has to be conducted in your household. To book a pandit online you can connect with 99pandit.

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