Gratuity Calculator: How to Calculate Gratuity in 2022?

Gratuity Calculator

Gratuity is the amount you receive as an employee when you retire from an organisation or leave the organisation for various reasons. To qualify for gratuity, you must have worked for an organisation for at least five years. Employees who have worked for the company for five or more years will receive a gratuity when they leave. The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972, governs the payment of gratuities to employees. 

In addition, a member of the employee’s family may be entitled to a gratuity before five years if the employee is disabled because of an accident or a sickness. Your gratuity is mainly based on the number of years that you have served the company and the last salary you received. When you retire or leave the company after five years, gratuity is one of the best ways to secure your future. It has the same advantages as investing in fixed deposit schemes, whether a 2 year FD scheme or a 5 year FD scheme.

How to calculate gratuity?

It is possible to calculate the gratuity amount using the Gratuity Calculator, following the formula described in the manual for calculating gratuities.

Gratuity = (15 * Your last drawn salary * tenure of working) / 30

To get an idea of the amount you will receive when you quit your job after five years of continuous service, you can use a gratuity calculator, which provides a rough estimate of the amount you will receive. It is a very handy tool that can be used to calculate the gratuity that will be paid upon retirement from your company. Put in the last drawn salary and how long you’ve been with the company. It is important to remember that the last drawn salary contains your basic salary, dearness allowance, and commissions from sales that you have received. It is possible to calculate the gratuity figure in seconds with the gratuity calculator. 

Gratuity Calculators: How Can They Help?

You can benefit from a gratuity calculator in many different ways. For example, with the gratuity calculator, you can calculate your gratuity by entering your last drawn salary and the number of years you have been employed. In such a case, you will be able to calculate the amount you will receive after you have been with an organisation for five years or more. The gratuity calculator will tell you how many gratuities you should be paying in just a few seconds. In addition, a good portfolio manager can help you organise your finances by helping you invest your money intelligently and maximise your returns. Smartly investing your gratuity helps you to plan your finances to achieve the maximum return on your investment. Using the gratuity calculator. You can get the amount of gratuity owed from the comfort of your own home or virtually anywhere else you are.

Gratuity taxation rules

  • In most cases, the tax treatment of a gratuity is determined by the type of employee who is obligated to receive it.
  • A government employee is exempt from paying income tax on the amount of gratuity they receive.
  • Other eligible private employees a covered employer employs qualify under the Payment of Gratuity Act. 

What is the best way to check the gratuity amount?

To determine the amount of gratuity to be paid to the employee, a calculation will be made considering both the last salary drawn and the service length. By the use of this method, a year is defined based on a calendar year as a period of six months or more. The total period that a person has worked for the company is six years when calculating the gratuity payment when they have worked for the company for five years and seven months. There is a difference; however, determining the gratuity amount, if the length of service was five years and five months, the service was counted as five years. As a result, an employer may provide a higher gratuity than the amount the employer has calculated.


Employers offer gratuities to their employees to acknowledge their employees’ contributions to their organisation in recognition of the service they have rendered to the organisation. An employee benefit plan is included in an employee’s salary, which can be viewed as a benefit plan that can help an individual with their retirement. You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand the gratuity calculator, including who is eligible and who isn’t. However, since it can only be paid to employees who have worked for a company for at least five years, the company would refer to it as an award rather than a payment. 

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