Debunking All The Myths About a Home Loan Without Income Proof

home loan without income proof

For those who are buying their first homes, there is good news. You can now obtain the key to your dream home, even if you currently do not have official income documentation. You can apply for a straightforward home loan without income proof from Hero Housing Finance whether you are a daily wager or working in informal employment and receive your monthly income in cash.

A basic quality of living and decent living standards is a big problem right now because of the rising cost of housing. Every person on earth needs a location to call “Home” to survive. However, a lot of people lack this need due to a lack of stable employment and income.

How does “No Income Proof” work?

It’s important that you fully understand the term “no income evidence” before moving on to the nuances of a home loan without income proof.

The LIG (Low-Income Group) and EWS (Economically Weaker Section) groups. Which are typically ignored when it comes to food, health, and schooling, are made up of a sizeable section of the population in developing nations like ours. In other words, they will be making money in some way, but they won’t be able to prove it. This could be caused by a number of factors, including the fact that they’re employed yet. Get monetary compensation or that they operate unregistered small enterprises.

Due to the lack of verifiable proof of income, some 15-20 million people are financially excluded. This suggests that they are earning money but are unable to provide documentation to prove it.

Several things could cause this, such as:

  • Cash compensation: Although the individual is working, they are paid in cash. 
  • Self-Employed: A person who owns a small business and generates revenue, although the income is irregular. Think of an auto-rickshaw driver as an illustration.
  • Seasonal income: They work for a few months of the year and are paid a fixed amount that lasts them the remaining of the year.
  • Multiple small incomes: They have multiple smaller incomes and hold a range of unpaid occupations. Take a domestic worker who assists many families as an example.

Myth: To receive a home loan sanction, income documentation must be provided.

Applicants are uninformed of the options available on the market even when they can repay a loan. They believe the only way to secure finance for the purchase of the property is through a home loan from a traditional bank, but they believe this will never be possible owing to a lack of sufficient documents. They don’t know that organizations that provide affordable housing financing, like Hero Housing Finance, may help them achieve their goals.

Myth: The misconception is that the bank’s standard procedure entails requesting. Some documents from borrowers to verify their ability to repay the funds they are obtaining.

The availability of organizations like NBFCs like Hero Housing Finance to particular societal groups dispels the notion. Such businesses lend money without requesting any income documentation.

The phrase ” home loan without income proof ” means that the borrower cannot prove their possession of assets, income, or employment. You just need to be eligible to get the loan and to determine your eligibility you can use the home loan eligibility calculator. Before applying for a home loan without income proof.

What is a home loan eligibility calculator?

You can assess your odds of being approved for a mortgage with the help of the home loan eligibility calculator. The eligibility of a person for a home loan is often determined by the lender taking into account several factors. Income, credit history, loan term, age, current EMI responsibilities. And other factors can affect a borrower’s ability to obtain a home loan. It becomes challenging to manually compute all of these requirements. But you may obtain reliable information by using a home loan eligibility calculator.

How does the calculator for home loan eligibility work?

Knowing if you qualify for a home loan without income proof gives you an idea of where you stand. And what conditions must be met, making the loan application process quick and simple. The house loan eligibility calculator was created specifically with borrowers seeking housing loans in mind.

You only need to enter the necessary information; after you do, the eligibility calculator retrieves the data and compares it. To several standards established by lenders to give the most accurate estimate of the loan amount you are eligible for.

The steps to determine eligibility are as follows:

  • Input monthly net income
  • Enter the repayment period.
  • Enter the loan interest rate you pay.
  • Input the other active EMIs (if applicable)


Hero Housing Finance’s mission is to help you achieve your dream of house ownership. By making the home-buying process as simple as possible from the moment. You announce your desire to buy a home with a home loan without income proof to the moment you move into their new residence.

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