How much jewelry an international traveler can purchase in London?


As an international traveler, especially in London, the most tempting thing to buy is jewelry. The variety available in Hatton Garden market will leave you mesmerized so its no surprise that you’d want to buy it from there. But is there any limit to how much you can buy? Are there any regulations for the same? Let us find out.

The biggest jewelry market in London

London has the biggest jewelry market in all of England. It is not just big but also the oldest to exist. The Hatton Garden, as the famous marketplace is called, has been there since more than a century now. It started of as a gift to Sir Christopher Hatton by Queen Elizabeth in 1581. It was a beautiful garden area that was initially used to showcase talents and merchandise of local craftsman, jewelry artisans and other industrial uses. Soon Hatton Garden became a popular destination for trusted experts and qualified craftsmen. Over the years many places and industries went in and out of business, but Hatton Garden maintained its position firmly. It eventually became the heart of jewelry trade in the United Kingdom. Till date, Hatton Garden is one of the largest jewelry markets in the country that caters to thousands of people on a daily basis, and even more during festivals, seasons and exhibitions.

It is no wonder then that a visiting traveler or tourist would have this place on their list of places to visit. In fact, every year during exhibitions and sales, people from all over the world come to London to visit Hatton Garden for jewelry shopping. The sales increase drastically when people come to shop classic jewellery like a solitaire engagement ring. During wedding season every year new collections are launched which attracts more customers. Hatton Gardens is no less than a tourist destination in London. Jewelry and loose gemstones are available here at cheaper rates than other markets which make it a favorite place for customers.

Exhibitions and sales

Every year Hatton Garden hosts numerous exhibitions at fixed times of the year. The already affordable prices drop further during discounts. There are also sales for various festivals and seasons such as end of season or stock clearance when tourists and locals swarm in for purchases.
When is comes to purchasing jewelry as an international, there is no limit as such from the government of London itself. The more you purchase, the more it is benefiting the nation, in fact. There are no set rules or regulations or even laws about how much jewelry or precious stones you can purchase as a tourist or an international traveler in London. The only rules you need to think of are the flight rules and the ones in your own country.

Luggage limits and convenience of travel

For starters, it is not safe to carry a large quantity of jewelry in your luggage. There is a risk of theft and also of jewelry damage. Hand luggage has a weight and size limit, so all your purchase, along with other essentials might not fit into it. The other luggage is handled by the staff which makes it extremely risky for you to carry your jewelry in. Also, since most luggage is just dumped from one place to another, the jewelry could also be damaged by the time you reach your home country. Given these reasons, it does not make a lot of sense to purchase an insane amount of jewelry simply because it is cheaper there.

Custom rules in your own country

The next thing to consider are the custom rules in your own country. You will have to declare your precious purchases at the customs terminal and carrying a bigger amount of jewelry will simply lead to you having to pay a larger sum of money as custom duty. Keep the original bills you buy for jewellery from Hatton Garden Jewellers for inspection.
You can buy as much as you like, as long as you consider your own convenience, budget and the custom rules in your own country. 

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