how to buy PET preform mould from China

PET preform mould is a very important part for the PET bottle production line. The price of PET preform mould is high and it will be more expensive if you choose to buy China injection mould online directly. So before you decide to buy a PET preform mould, it’s necessary that you should do some research work firstly so that you can get a good quality plastic injection mold with reasonable price from Chinese manufacturer.

Make a research about the mold manufacturer

The first step is to make a research about the PET preform mould maker. You should know the experience, reputation and knowledge of the manufacturer.

Experience: The more years of experience a mould manufacturer has, the better quality molds they make.

Reputation: A reputable company will have many happy customers and positive reviews on their website or social media account. You can also ask your friends who have already bought from that company before purchasing from them yourself if it’s worth spending money on their products or not!

Knowledge: Most importantly, you need to find out whether or not your chosen manufacturer has enough knowledge about plastic injection moulding techniques so that they can deliver high quality products even in difficult situations such as when you are using materials like PEI with extremely low temperature resistance (below -60°C).

Make an inquiry to the mold maker

  • Send an inquiry email
  • Phone call
  • Fax
  • Video call

Compare the offer from different preform mould supplier

  • Compare the price, material and technology
  • Refer to the mold sample
  • Ask for the mold drawing
  • Ask for the mold specification
  • Ask for the mould material
  • Ask for the mould process

Evaluate the risk

Evaluating the risk of buying from China is an important step when deciding whether or not to invest in a plastic injection mold. It’s also a critical consideration when choosing the right Chinese supplier, manufacturer, or mold maker for your project.

If you’re unfamiliar with the risks associated with manufacturing in China, it’s good to know what you’re getting into before you begin working with any company based there.

Talk a face-to-face meeting with the Chinese pet preform mould maker

  • Talk to the mold maker directly.
  • Make sure the mold maker is a good fit for your project.
  • Ask about the mold maker’s experience and capabilities.
  • Ask about their quality control system and customer service (if you’re not already familiar with it).

Not buy China injection mould online directly

The second step is check whether they offer customer service support after sales; many suppliers will offer 24-hour online support via email or online chat tool such as Skype while others may also provide phone services on hotlines. So it’s very important for buyers know if their chosen suppliers have customer service system before ordering PET preform mould from them because if something goes wrong with your order after receiving it then there should be somebody who could assist you immediately through these platforms

Not buy PET molds online

When you are buying PET preform mould from China, you should always be careful to avoid being scammed by vendors who sell old or used molds. In most cases, when someone is selling a new mold for half the price of a legitimate one, it is likely that the buyer will receive a substandard product that does not work properly and might even damage their machine. Furthermore, if you decide to purchase an item online without first seeing it in person and inspecting its quality firsthand, then there’s no guarantee that what you receive will match what was advertised on websites like Alibaba or eBay.

China is manufacturing center of world and PET mold quality is improving.

China is the manufacturing center of the world and its PET mold quality is improving. It has become a big market for PET preform moulds, and the demand is increasing day by day. China has invested in many large-scale projects to improve their equipment, technology and facilities. There are many companies that produce PET preform molds in China and we can choose them as per our need.


In summary, preform molds are the most important parts in injection molding process and you should know how to buy PET preform mould from China. It is not an easy thing for a newbie to buy a mold online without professional help.

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