How To Choose A Beer Style: An Australian Craft Beer Guide

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Craft beer is beer made by craft breweries. Brewers make craft beer with traditional and sometimes nontraditional ingredients for added distinctiveness. With different beer styles you can choose, you need to pick the one that best suits you. The styles vary depending on the ingredients, brewing style, alcohol content, and packaging size.

If you want to buy craft beers online in Australia, you need some knowledge because each region has its unique beer style. Depending on your taste, you can choose from various craft beer styles. Below is a detailed guide on how to choose a beer style. 

1. Classic craft lager 

Although there are some exceptions, lagers often have a cleaner flavour and lack of strong scent due to the cooler fermentation process used by the yeast. As a result, it is a crisp, cleaner-tasting beer than other varieties, making it pleasant.

Traditional craft lager is served chilled or at room temperature, depending on desire, because it uses the same malt basis and brewing techniques as any typical German Pilsner.

The colour can range from light gold to gold, and it might even take on an amber tint. The flavour will typically be quite uncomplicated, but there should still be some bitterness, making this beer type stand out against all others on the market today.

2. Sour Ales 

Sour beers are for individuals who prefer a beer with an intense and distinctive flavour. There are better beers for non-craft beer fans.

Before maturing in oak barrels or big tanks, sour beers ferment, giving them their distinctive tangy flavour similar to vinegar. These craft beer varieties might not initially sound appetising, but if you enjoy the sour taste, you should try them.

3. Fruity craft beer 

Over recent years, fruity beers have become very popular in Australia. The popularity is because the beer is unique compared to other beer styles. Brewers make fruity beer with various fruits, often light in flavour. This style is perfect for those who want refreshing or fruity without the sweetness. 

Because of the different flavours and ingredients, most beer types are available in mixed beer packs. For example, they can include raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. 

4. Pale ale 

Pale ale is the most popular style in Australia. Most craft breweries in Australia make this beer, which is very common. Pale ale offers a wide range of options in terms of fruitiness, maltiness, and ABV, making it a diversified category.

5. Stouts

You can consume a stout during the cold winter months. Stouts are extremely bitter and dark in colour.

Originally brewed with British barley malt, Kentish hops, roasted unmalted barley for flavour and colour, and brewer’s yeast for fermentation, this beer style has been around since the 18th century. Because ale brewers nearly top off these stouts to prevent bacterial development during the ageing process, the alcohol content is typically higher than that of other beers. 

6. Chocolate beer 

Beer alternatives with chocolate flavours offer a distinctive variation on the classic beer varieties. These chocolate beers typically contain malts like wheat, rye, or oats and have a rich, sweet flavour.

The beer’s dark colour, which can range from a deep brown to black depending on the brewing period and which beer type it belongs to, is generally achieved by roasting the malt.

7. Craft Pilsners 

Pilsners are an easy and clean drinking option for craft beer lovers. In Australia, most breweries brew pilsners with water, malt, hops, and yeast. As a result, the pilsner flavour is quite fine, making it very easy to drink. 

Craft beer is a unique option for beer lovers. With the many styles available, you can choose from the various beers available. If you are looking for craft beers in Australia, then Prancing pony brewery is the place for you. We have a wide selection of craft beers, and you can find us all over the country.

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