How To Maximise Results In Minimum Training Time With EMS


Reducing workout time while maximising results has been the goal of every gym goer. Implementing the electrostimulation system (EMS) has cut the training time in half. When you exercise wearing EMS sportswear, you engage your muscle fibres due to the electric stimulations. Consequently, a moderate cardio training time of 30-40 minutes per day can be reduced to 15-20 minutes. Sounds exciting? Discover the best benefits of EMS and the role of Electrostimulation Gym used for in physiotherapy.

What is Electrostimulation?

EMS or electrostimulation is the method of using impulses generated from devices. These impulses are transmitted via electrodes located on the muscles to be stimulated. They mimic the action potential that the body receives from the central nervous system, causing muscle contraction. Subsequently, these repeated muscle contractions improve blood flow, repair injured muscles, and promote muscle toning.

How Does EMS Work in Physiotherapy?

Patients recovering from an injury, stroke, fibromyalgia pain, or other conditions can tremendously benefit from electrostimulation in physical therapy. It employs local electrical impulses to exercise their muscles and accelerates the recovery of patients, relieving them of uncomfortable or painful symptoms.

Benefits of EMS in Physiotherapy

The electrostimulation system addresses injuries and pain while preventing future problems in individuals. The unit’s electrodes come in contact with the skin near the affected muscles to cause rhythmic contractions that allow an individual to improve muscle strength as they try to contract the muscles simultaneously. Some of the key benefits of EMS in physiotherapy are as follows.

  • Relieves all types of chronic pain
  • Works on weakened muscles
  • Promotes athletic recovery and muscle retraining after surgery
  • Minimises swelling
  • Prevents atrophy
  • Relieves stress and discomfort
  • Improves blood circulation 
  • Facilitates muscle strengthening

How is EMS Used for Reducing Training Time?

Now that you know the role of Electrostimulation gym in physiotherapy let’s understand its working. The application of the EMS system for physiotherapy involves the following steps.

  • The candidate will expose the area of the body to be targeted.
  • The trainer will help put on the electrostimulation sportswear. This technology is quite comfortable and easy to carry.
  • Once connected, the candidate will feel a slight tingling sensation. In addition, they will feel relaxed while using the EMS system to relieve muscle spasms.
  • When using electrostimulation to improve muscle strength, they must contract the muscle while the machine runs.

Cardio benefits our cardiovascular system and overall fitness. The important question isn’t whether you should do cardio but how to do it correctly.

The answer is simple. Add EMS sportswear to your gym kit.

However, you must only use the training equipment with someone. Putting on EMS sportswear and doing activities like lifting and cardio when you’re not used to it can put you at risk. It is recommended to go with a professional medical trainer by your side. Who should consult? Turn to Nexfit! 

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