How To Study For Your 10th Board Exam 2023?

10th Board Exam 2023

The class 10th board examination is the foundation for a student’s academic career. It determines which way they want to go. From their education stream to college admission, this foundation is crucial, more or less.

It is also the first outdoor academic experience for a student. Until 10th, he competes with his classmates only, and while appearing in board exams, he gets an opportunity to evaluate his preparations among peers from other schools. Thus, it requires better strategies and planning to mark a place. In this article, we will share some valuable and practical tips which will help boost your overall score and help you study effectively.

1. In-depth Knowledge About Syllabus & Course Structure

The first requirement is detailed knowledge of the syllabus and course structure. Students should look over their respective board’s latest syllabus, in particular, to point out the crucial topics and chapters which will help them to know the mark distribution of each chapter. Moreover, it is advised to highlight the essential topics carrying maximum weightage and revise them properly.

2. Make Your Study Timetable

Constructing a study timetable is essential before starting the preparation for any examination. The study timetable should include all the resources related to your examination, like issued books from your respective board, reference books, last year’s exam papers, etc.

However, gathering all of them can become tedious for some students. Therefore, it is better to look for a reference book containing all the exam-related questions, previous year questions, and important topics. If you’re looking for such a book, you can refer to Together With Science Class 10, which contains all the essential topics, questions, and previous year’s material within a single book.

3. Refer To Previous Year’s Question Paper & Issued Sample papers

Students are suggested to go through the previous year’s question papers and sample papers issued by their respective boards to analyze the weightage and importance of the topic. You can also evaluate your preparation before the actual examination. To get a clear insight into topics in CBSE science, students can refer to Together With Science Class 10.

It is smart to involve technology in your preparation. So, set up a timer while solving the question paper to know about your analysis and solving capacity within the time limit mentioned in the question paper.

4. Make Your Notes

Besides covering topics and going through previous year’s question papers from reference books like Together With Science Class 10, you can try making notes, as they are helpful for exam preparation. While making notes, students should prioritize noting the precise information and be able to present it in a presentable manner.

Moreover, they can highlight the important topics from their notes. It is also helpful in quick revision when the exam is near. You only need to hustle with part of the textbook to revise important points. Also, students must make separate and systematic notes of each subject for ease while revising.

5. Don’t Leave Lessons/Topics

It is common to see among students that they leave a few chapters or topics for the final week. This habit is not at all appreciable as it creates unnecessary pressure, in the end, affecting your performance. The best idea is to finish all the topics and chapters long before the examination; thus, you get enough time to revise.

6. Revision

Refrain from referring to new notes or books just before the examination, as it will confuse you. Working on your weaker parts and revising the already prepared stuff will keep your mind clear and improve your performance in the board exam.

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If you want to understand the pattern of the paper, you can refer to the previous year’s papers and tally your notes with them. Reference books like Together With Science Class 10 can help you find the most asked questions and offer a short and simple answer to each question.

Another crucial aspect is writing. Ultimately, you have to write the answers in the exam; therefore, you should sharpen your writing ability. It will prepare your fingers not to get tired until you want them. Moreover, write the answers neatly and systematically, as it can impress the examiner, increasing your chances of getting higher marks.

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