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In the world of online marketing, there are few names more synonymous with success than AISAWERS. In fact, they’re so successful that they’ve been included in the ILOBBY 100M Partner AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT. AISAWERS is a world-leading digital marketing agency, and as such, they know a thing or two about how to boost your business online. If you want to learn more about how AISAWERS can help boost your business, be sure to check out their website and read their blog posts. You won’t regret it!

Insight Partners

Insight Partners is a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating innovative and effective campaigns for brands. They have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and they know how to connect with customers and get them to take action. Their services are affordable, and they have a team of talented professionals who can help you reach your marketing goals.


The iLobby is a new online service that connects people with opportunities. It offers a searchable database of jobs, programs, and volunteering opportunities.

Users can browse by location, topic, or category. The iLobby also provides information about the opportunity and how to apply.

Since its launch in May 2014, the iLobby has helped connect over 2,000 people with opportunities. The iLobby is funded by AISawersVentureBeat and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

iLobby raises $100 million

It’s no secret that startups crave capital. And with good reason: Without it, they can’t grow and scale. But finding investors can be a daunting task.

That’s where iLobby comes in. The startup accelerator and investment platform has just announced that it has raised $100 million in new capital. This brings the total amount of money raised by iLobby to over $200 million.

What does this mean for startups? Quite simply, more opportunities to get funded and grow their businesses. That’s because iLobby is one of the world’s most highly respected venture capital firms, with a long track record of success stories and investments in some of today’s leading tech companies (including Airbnb, Dropbox, Lyft, and Warby Parker).

So if you’re looking for an opportunity to get your business off the ground or to scale up quickly, look no further than iLobby.

ilobby raises substantial round of funding

In just over a year, the Berlin-based startup accelerator and seed fund ILOBBY M has raised a substantial round of funding. The investment round was led by venture capital firm AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT, with participation from angel investors and Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) firms. With this new capital, ILOBBY M plans to grow its team even further and expand its offering to other Startup Communities in Europe.

“We’re extremely excited about our new partnership with ILOBBY M,” said AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT Partner Andreas Sommer. “They are one of the most successful startups accelerator programs in Berlin and are leaders in their field. We believe that by working together we can help even more startups realize their full potential.”

ILOBBY M was founded in 2016 by Alexandra König and Jörg Müller, who have a long history in the startup community. The program offers startup founders access to mentorship, office space, events and more in order to help them accelerate their growth. In just over a year since inception, ILOBBY M has already helped more than 35 startups grow rapidly into successful companies.

iLobby’s product offering

1. iLobby is a leading online marketing platform that helps small businesses grow and manage their online presence. The product offering includes a suite of tools to help businesses build leads, engage with customers, and track results.

2. iLobby’s AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT tool provides small businesses with the resources they need to compete for high value AIS ( Automotive In-store Services) opportunities. This includes tips on how to win bids, create effective proposals, and execute successful contracts.

3. iLobby also offers a range of services to help businesses grow their web presence and increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These include website design and development, online marketing campaigns, and Google AdWords management.

Companies: ilobby

Companies that lobby in the United States have to register with the U.S. Department of Justice under the Lobbying Disclosure Act. The act requires lobbyists to disclose their client list, the amount of money they’ve spent on lobbying so far, and what kind of lobbying they’re doing.

There are dozens of companies that lobby in the United States. Some of the most well-known companies include Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. Each company has its own priorities and methods for lobbying government officials.

Some companies focus on influencing legislation directly. Other companies use their resources to build support for new policies or change old ones. Whatever their approach, lobbyists always aim to protect their clients’ interests and make sure laws support their business goals.

Insight Partners

Insight Partners is a collective of experienced lobbyists in Washington, D.C. We have a unique ability to provide our clients with insight and expertise on federal lobbying laws, lobbying strategy, and the influencers who can help or hinder your agenda.

We also offer a comprehensive AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT service which includes strategic planning, issue analysis, contact building and more. Our team has the skillset and experience to help you achieve success in both domestic and international lobbying efforts.

If you are looking for reliable representation in D.C., Insight Partners is the perfect partner for you. Contact us today to learn more!


ILOBBY 100M is thrilled to be a part of AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT! We are committed to helping people from all walks of life achieve their financial dreams and this partnership is just the beginning. We believe in spreading awareness about the importance of saving for retirement, investing for long-term growth, and creating opportunities for others. Our partnership with AISAWERSVENTUREBEAT will help more people reach their financial goals. Thank you for your support!