Important Factors to Consider When Shopping Cat6 Solid Copper

Cat6 Solid Copper

Getting the right cable for your network can be quite a task. There is a vast range of Ethernet cables available in the market these days. Each of these cables come with different specs and configuration. Cat6 solid copper cable is the one that stands out among the rest of the Ethernet cables. There are many reasons for that. We’ll talk about that in detail in this article. 

Why Cat6 Solid Copper Cable?

Many reasons will make you choose White cat6 solid copper for your networking needs. This is a highly efficient and effective cable when it comes to performance and durability. You’ll get fast connectivity and a stable internet connection. The data transfer rate of this cable is 550MHz. There are several colors available so you can get make your network aesthetically pleasing. Having to use cables of different colors would help you locate the faulty cable. 

This cable can deliver the data at a speed of 10Gbps up to a distance of 55 meters in ideal conditions. If there is some kind of interference then this would affect the performance. In addition, the pure copper conductors offer a remarkable conductivity.

Compatibility of Cat6 Solid Copper

Getting the right cable for your network is imperative because you cannot replace them again and again. The compatibility of Ethernet cables has significant importance in this regard. 

Most of these networking cables have backward compatibility. The same goes for cat6 cable. Its backward compatibility makes this cable high in demand. It can work perfectly fine with older versions like cat5e and cat5. This cable will enhance the performance of your network. 

Jacket Color Differences

The outer jacket of the cat6 plenum has a wide range of colors. You can choose any color you want or you can get them according to your networking needs. Many networking engineers choose different colors of cable because it helps them to locate the faulty cable. 

For example, you can install the red cable on the first floor and yellow on the second. Now if for some reason there is some fault with the network, you can easily locate that. Not only that but getting different colors of cables would make your network aesthetically appealing. 

Speed & Performance of Cat6

This is one of the most important factors when getting a cable for your network. You should always check your network requirements and speed before getting the cable. Cat6 plenum has a remark data transfer rate and performance. This cable can cater to the needs of both commercial and domestic networks equally. 

As we mentioned before that the frequency of this cable is 550MHz. The data transfer rate can reach up to 10Gbps. This cable will keep the signal quality intact offering you the best and steadiest internet connection. You can also use this cable for Ethernet, fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet applications.

Internal Structure of Cat6 Solid Copper

It is important to understand the internal structure of any Ethernet cable. It would help you to have a deep understanding of how these cables work. There are eight pure copper wires in the cat6 plenum. These wires work as conductors inside the cable. These eight wires are twisted together in four pairs. There are further two subcategories of this cable based on these pairs: shielded and unshielded. 

Shielded cables have an extra layer of mesh around the pairs of conductors. Unshielded cables do not have the extra layer. The price of shielded cables is a bit higher because they are ideal for data centers. Shielded cables are an excellent choice against crosstalk and electromagnetic interference or EMI. 

It can be confusing to choose the right cable for your network but a little bit of research would help you get the right cable for your network. You cannot do any wrong with cat6 plenum-rated cable in our opinion. 

Outer Jacket Categories

There are three types of outer jackets: plenum, riser, and PVC. You can get either one according to your installation requirement. Let’s take a look at how these jackets differentiate from each other. 

Plenum jacket – as the name indicates, plenum cable is ideal for plenum spaces. These places have regular airflow, which makes them prone to fire. Plenum-rated cable burns slowly and it does not release toxic fumes. 

Riser jacket – this is for riser place. Riser cables are indoor cables. You can install this cable in the vertical spaces of your building. You cannot replace plenum cables with a riser. 

PVC jacket – polyvinyl chloride or PVC is an outdoor cable. This jacket can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Make sure to get the right cable for the right place. 

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