Journey to the Shiva Valley: Har ki Dun


Har ki dun “The valley of God” is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Uttarakhand. The valley is situated in the Garhwal hills and has scenic views of the Great Himalayas.

This valley is under Govind Wildlife Sanctuary park that keeps and maintains it. The valley is also known as the “Valley of Shiva” due to the presence of the Someshwar Mahadev Temple which is worshiped by the locals and they have immense faith in it. You can also visit Prashar Lake Trek.

Some of the beautiful things that attract one towards it are:-

HANGING VALLEYS:- Har ki dun is famous for trekking due to the majestic view, meadows, and hanging valley that glorifies its beauty and attracts people to it.  

The beautiful scenery may force you to click the best of the memories in its lap.


The people living in the Garhwal hills linked Har ki dun with the Mahabharata time and chant various old stories related to it. While there, you will find yourself in the past and feel that you are staying connected to your roots.

        Apart from this, there are old villages that are around 1000 years old that give a strong boost to the people’s mythologies and even atheists start believing in their tales.


Har ki dun trek not only gives you the essence of religious vibes but a person interested to spend his time in nature has a lot to do in Har ki dun.

       From the Swargarohini views to the nearby Supin river, from the meadows to lush green deodar trees, and different migratory birds to meadows, there is a full package to enjoy in Har ki dun.


Due to the boredom and monotonous life of the city, one would find an adventure here and that too free of their hustle bustle life. The trekking journey moves not only the heart but the soul of the trekker and the heart remains here forever.


The simple local rulers inspire and impress at the same time. They don’t have double faces to show but a simple smile and heart full of welcome to their unknown guests.

        They can join you on your journey and introduce their place as their homes to you. Even their introductory way takes everyone’s heart.


Those who like adventure especially mountaineering, trekking and traveling, and exploring something new, you are at the right place.


 As one remains out of their spiritual journey and forgets about God, especially in the cities, this beautiful place reminds one of the Almighty. As per the locals, this place opened the doors of heaven for the Pandavas during the Mahabharata times. Well, how much this fact is true is still not known but by watching the mystical valleys and beautiful paths, this place itself is no less than heaven.


•    Distance:- 47 km

•    Altitude:- 11,675 ft.

•    Temperature:- 10°C-15°C (Day time), 2°C- 5°C (Night time)

•    Suitable time to visit:- April to Mid-June and Oct. to Mid-Nov.

•    Starting point:- Sankri and Taluka


•    Stay tuned with the guides before arriving at Har ki dun as pre-allotment leads to chaos and maybe you have to wait.

•    After arriving at the place, inform your guide so that they will manage and you just enjoy your trip.

•    Before leaving, inquire about all the necessary items that you have to take with you for the trek.

•    Plan the schedule with your guide or enquire about the same so that you don’t fall into any problems.

•    If you are with your family try to take all their necessary things like medicines, warm clothes, trekking suits, etc. for no problem at the end of the day.

•    Ask for the necessary arrangements for your stay so you will be tension-free.

•    Because of the mountain zone, network problems remain there throughout the year. So keep this in your mind and be aware of your near and dear ones too.


Keep yourself aware of the weather conditions and remain in touch with your guide from your home to the place. If you are with your family, take care of all, especially the old citizens as the trekking type is moderate and it will not be easy for them.

      The journey should be the best and as you try to take advantage don’t miss any chance to capture the memories of your exciting trek to ‘the valley of Shiva’