Kanat Sultanbekov: Reasons Why Commercial Construction in New York is So Competitive?

In New York, commercial construction is very competitive for several reasons. At the same time, thanks to the rise in competitiveness, emerging trends are now dominating the industry giving birth to alternate methods for project delivery and an increase in specialty firms. 

Kanat Sultanbekovan insight into the new trends in commercial construction 

Kanat Sultanbekov is a respected name in the construction industry in New York. According to him, specialty firms are growing in popularity because they focus on a specific type of construction, for instance, retail stores or office buildings. These firms allow managers to gain specialization in a particular field and give them a competitive advantage over general contractors. In addition to this specialty, firms can complete projects quickly and at a much lower cost than a general contractor. 

Specialty firms and why they are popular today

Thanks to the presence of specialty firms have made the construction industry so competitive in New York, and many firms are trying the grab the attention of contractors, so the developers need the firm that best suits their needs. Besides the above, specialty firms have the edge over general contractors as they offer a higher level of skill and expertise. 

Alternative project delivery method in commercial construction

Another trend is becoming very popular in the commercial construction sector, and this is the alternative project delivery method. It helps reduce costs for construction managers, and some examples are public-private and design-build partnerships. They are becoming quite popular as they reduce expenses and accelerate the process of construction. 

They are used with specialty firms; for instance, the developer might use a design-build firm for constructing an office building, with the firm being responsible for the construction and the design of the structure. 

Government regulations and their impact on construction projects

The commercial construction sector in New York is subject to many government regulations designed to protect the construction workers and the public so that costs and delays in the project are avoided. 

The construction costs in New York continue to increase, and developers are seeking new ways to decrease these expenses. The deployment of alternate delivery methods and specialty firms are very popular for reducing costs. However, regulations by the government often add costs and can delay construction projects. 

Price of commercial construction projects 

The prices of commercial projects in New York are very competitive, and they are reluctant to reveal their budget for the project, and firms here compete intensely for projects. This competition leads to reduced costs for specific projects; however, they often increase the project’s price if the number of bidders is less. 

According to Kanat Sultanbekov, other factors play a vital role in commercial construction projects in New York, including the high costs of land, the requirement for specialized labor, and the challenges of getting sufficient finances for the project. If you ignore any of these factors, you will not be able to get the desired results.