Make Every Pallet Count by Reusing and Recycling

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According to research done by Virginia Tech University, 95% of all wooden pallets are either reused, pulverised, or resold. These dramatic results came after increased environmental awareness and the desire to manage waste more efficiently. Recently, wood pallets entering landfills have dropped by 86% because of recycling. It has become a hot topic lately, and organisations have made every pallet count. Organisations using pallets have increasingly become aware of the benefits of gaining pallet recycling services. As a result, they have embraced the use of reconditioned pallets.

So how does this organisation stack up the unused pallets covering the extra floor?

Background of pallet recycling

Recycling wood pallets comprises refurbishing, sorting, reconstruction and dismantling. This process also includes the grinding of pallets. 140 million pallets are either recycled into other products or reused.

How is the process of recycling done?

There are several ways of recycling used, damaged and broken pallets. For instance, slightly damaged pallets are usually repaired by pallet processing companies. Then, they can be sold back to organisations but at a lower price. You can consider buying pallets in Sydney for better quality.

On the other hand, if the pallets are seriously damaged, they are shredded, and then a magnet is used to separate nails and staples. After this, the remaining parts get thrown in a metal recycler.

Reusing the pallet wood makes one get a consistent product. Any unused pallets need to be sent to a pallet recycler for reprocessing. There are those recyclers who pay for the pallets, while others don’t pay.

How to use wood from recycled pallets

The recycled pallets provide consistent wood, making it possible to recycle or reuse it for various uses. They include animal breeding, garden mulch, compost, or wood chips for the playground.

Some organisations mix old pallets with concrete to create building blocks. These block feature interlock ends, making it easy to put them together. This mixture also works as an insulator and has incredible indoor quality.

1. Makes businesses more sustainable

There are many reasons why organisations need to look for pallet recycling services. Here are some of the benefits:

Recycling pallet wood makes businesses more sustainable by increasing the will to purchase. In addition, recycling is cost-effective, creating a more sustainable business model.

2. Promotes better health and safety

Recycling pallets keep workers in a good work environment. It ensures that the workers are safe. Broken pallets can cause fires, pose risks of injuries or increase damage to goods. Therefore, recycling pallets will keep the environment and your workers.

3. Better for the environment

It is one of the most significant benefits of recycling pallets. Since it’s one of the best ways of disposing of unwanted wood, it makes it possible to clean the environment. This way, fewer trees are destroyed, and there is no need to overproduce pallets.

Recycling pallets has a lot of benefits. It enhances a better environment, protects workers from danger, and makes every pallet count. Therefore, any organisation that uses pallets should consider recycling in case of damage.

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