Metropolitan Police: 58 people were charged with Just Stop Oil protests at M25.


After the four-day Just Stop Oil protests that shut down portions of this week, 58 people were charged. According to the Metropolitan Police, it had taken into custody 63 people in a “major operation” to stop severe disruptions caused by JSO on Friday. As a result, JSO announced it would discontinue its “campaign of civil resistance” on the motorway. Environmental activists have been climbing gantries high above the motorway for the past four days, forcing it to be closed in many places. According to the Met, 11 individuals have been charged and are scheduled to appear before various courts on Friday. Nicholas Olney, 60, from Totten ham, north London, and Thomas Gardener (40), both of Stapleford in Nottinghamshire, are due to appear at the Reading Magistrates Court. Ten Burns, 34, of Swansea, and Diana Hecht (68), of Circles in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, are due to appear at Brighton Magistrates Court. Mari Bain (35), of Derby; Phoebe Plummer (21), of Clap ham in southwest London; David Mann (55) of Ipswich. Cressida Golan (20) of Led bury, Herefordshire; Christopher Ford (35) of Cambridge; and Quid Wiser (18) of Bentonville, North London. The group released a statement saying it would stop its M25 campaign to allow the Government enough time to think about its responsibilities. “We ask that Prime Minister review his speech at Cop27 in which he discussed the dire consequences of global warming, the 33 million people displaced by floods, and the moral and financial imperative to honor our promises.” During Wednesday’s protests, a police officer was hurt. Essex Police reported a collision between the police motorcyclist and two Lorries in a rolling roadblock. BJ Harrington, Chief Constable, warned that it was only a matter “of time” before someone was murdered during a JSO demonstration. Essex Police stated that the officer, who was riding his motorcycle but was not identified by force, thanked the public and expressed gratitude for their support as he recovered from his injuries. A spokesman for the force stated that he was equipped with the latest motorcycle and protective clothing, including built-in airbags. He was described as an “experienced officer.”

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Chief Supt Simon An slow is the senior officer in charge of operations on the Essex section. He said he wanted to thank everyone who made their way to school, work, or any other part of the M25 this past week for their patience and the support they have shown our officers.JSO stated Friday that Just Stop Oil supporters now uphold law and order and protect civil society. People in this country can disrupt the order of affairs to avoid more significant harm. We won’t stand by, according to British law. On Friday, Kent Police and Essex stated that they were “proactively” on the M25 to detect and prevent future disruptions. Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, stated that officers needed to balance people’s rights to do their everyday business and the right of others to protest. London Live was told by her: “What we’ve seen lately is people conspiring against communities and commuters to cause serious disruption.” “We are responding, and we take that very seriously. We respond quickly and robustly. “Sometimes it doesn’t look that way. For example, if you see officers talking to protesters, you will also see them taking their time. You must be safe when removing someone from a motorway crane at a high height. In addition, it must be done correctly. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated Wednesday that his Government was “moving forward” with legislation to give police more extraordinary powers to stop protests from groups like JSO. He made these comments after Ben Spencer, Conservative MP for Runnymede & Weighbridge, stated in the Commons that M25 protests were “causing disruption and misery” to his constituents. Sunak replied that he was moving forward with legislation to give police the power to end extremist protests. JSO organized 32 days of disruption starting at the end of September through October. As a result, the Metropolitan Police reported that 677 people were arrested and 111 were charged. There were also 9,438 additional shifts. JSO reports that its supporters were arrested more than 2000 times since April 1, when the campaign began. . There are too many Website which are provide a lots of Information But The Guardian Savior is one of best Website For information About all over World.

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