PET Preform Mould: How to get the best price and quality?

Nowadays, there are many PET Preform Mould suppliers in the market who can provide you with different pet preform moulds for sale. However, it is quite difficult to choose a high-quality and cheap pet preform mould. In this article we will show you how to choose a good quality pet preform mould supplier and get a reasonable price.

If you want to get a high-quality and cheap pet preform mould, there are some important things that you need to know:

Make sure you are dealing with the right PET preform mould supplier

The first thing to do is to make sure that you are dealing with the right supplier. There are many suppliers in China, but not all of them can provide high quality pet preform moulds at low cost. If you want to find out whether they have good quality products, you should ask them some questions like: What’s your MOQ? Can I get samples? How long do I need to wait for delivery? How much discount can I get if I order large quantities? How much time will it take before we receive our goods after payment? Do you have any after-sale service? etc. If they can answer these questions clearly, then they have good quality products. If they cannot answer them, you should think about whether you want to cooperate with them or not.

Make an agreement on warranty and after-sale service

Are you planning to buy PET preform mould? If you are, then you should know that it is not an easy task. You need to take into consideration many factors. Like other products, the price is one of the most important factors. But, this is not the only thing that matters in buying a PET preform mould. There are many other things that you should consider such as quality and durability.

So, how can you get the best price and quality?

One of the ways is to make an agreement on warranty and after-sale service with the supplier before buying their products. This way, if there are any problems with your product after purchase, you can easily contact them for help without any hassle. Another important thing is to check what type of payment method they accept. You’ll find out that some suppliers accept only cash while others allow credit cards or even PayPal transactions. Make sure you know which payment methods they use first, because some suppliers don’t accept PayPal transactions or credit cards at all.

Consider the mould design

PET preform mould design is a crucial part of PET preform production. A good PET preform mould design can ensure high yield and optimize the consumption of materials and energy in the entire process. So how to get the best price and quality?

  • PET preform mould cavity number;
  • Your expected cycle time (shot time);
  • Neck type (PCO, 30/25, 38mm etc.)
  • Capability of your injection moulding machine;
  • Cooling system (air or water cooling);
  • Mould steel type and hardness;

Get reference from their previous customers

“Here’s a tip: Ask your potential business partners for references. When you talk to their past customers, you’ll learn more about what they’re like to work with, how they conduct their business and whether they can deliver on the promises they make.

-Laura Vanderkam

Researching any new vendor is critical to your success in business. You want to make sure the company you hire has experience in the industry that you need help with. Ask people who have worked with the company before if they were satisfied with their work.


Now, finally at the end, you should decide your final budget and hope to obtain the highest quality for your investment. Cheaper molds are not necessarily a poor long-term decision. However, I would urge you to choose the PET Preform injection molding factory cautiously, following the steps above , you can assure of getting the best quality PET Preform Mould at the most reasonable price .

If you are ready to get serious about your product and want to be sure that it will be a success, then you should invest in the best quality PET Preform injection molding factory. You want your customers to enjoy the best quality products and services, so why not do the same for yourself?

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