Pros & Cons of Using Cat6 Plenum Ethernet Cable for LAN

Cat6 Plenum

Ethernet cables play a vital role in the networking industry. They are the reason for the internet boom along with Wi-Fi. You cannot deny the importance of these cables. Just like anything, these cables also have advantages as well as some downsides. For example, the cat6 plenum Ethernet cable is ideal for plenum spaces. You can use it for enterprise networks but you may feel some performance issues.

This article will talk about the category 6 cables. We’ll also take a look at some of the advantages & disadvantages of using Cat6 Solid Copper cable.

Category 6 Ethernet Cables

Category 6 is rather a new category. Unlike its predecessor cat5e, this cable has almost everything you need. No matter which cable you get from this category, you will most certainly enjoy the performance and speed. Furthermore, you will be getting a 1Gbps of data transfer rate. This speed is extremely good especially if you are using it for a home network. In addition, you will get this speed at a maximum length of 100 meters. If you want to enhance your speed, you can install it for just 50 meters. This way you will enjoy better performance along with a smooth connection.

Another special feature of this cat6 plenum cable is its resistance against crosstalk and electromagnetic interferences. This cable has tightly twisted conductor pairs. These pairs give this cable a better chance to fight off all sorts of crosstalk. It means that you can install it with your electric wires.

Power over Ethernet is yet another big factor that makes this cable extremely popular. You can use this cable for your PoE devices. Lastly, if you get a cat6 plenum 1000ft, you will not have to worry about cable shortage. This cable can cover exponential distances at a reasonable price. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits this cable has to offer for its users.

Benefits of Cat6 Plenum Ethernet Cable

Many benefits come along with this cable. Speed is one of the biggest benefits that you will certainly enjoy. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about other signals interfering with your data packages.

Solid jacket – plenum is one of the most durable jackets out there. You can easily use it for indoor installations, especially for your plenum spaces. Since you all know that these places have regular air presence. This can make them highly dangerous in an event of a fire. If a fire ever breaks out, the fire retardant qualities will put it out.

Smooth connection – if you are using an older category, you must have faced lag in your connection. Cat6 cables have been made using cutting-edge technology. They will guarantee a smooth connection with sufficient speed. Not to mention, you will be enjoying a 1Gbps data transfer rate along with a 500 MHz frequency. These numbers are more than enough for a small local area network.

Backward compatibility – is one of the most beneficial features for almost everyone. If you already have a setup in your house, you can easily upgrade it. For instance, you do not have to get new cables and connectors to use cat6 for your network. It works perfectly fine with older categories. That means you can use it with cat5e and cat5. Furthermore, you will not experience any lack of performance.

Inexpensive & durable – if you have decided to get this cable, it won’t disturb your budget. This is not a high-end cable. Additionally, it is available almost everywhere. There are also many color options if you want to make your network aesthetically appealing. Lastly, you can use it in outdoor environments. The high-quality PVC can bear extreme temperatures and outdoor conditions.

Disadvantages of Cat6 Plenum Cable

It would not be fair if we do not talk about the cons of this cable. Noting can be perfect. Nearly everything has some flaws and this cable is no exception.

Replaced by newer cables – there have been new inventions almost every day. Furthermore, many newer categories have taken the market by storm. Enterprises prefer using fiber optics and newer categories. That does not affect the importance of this cable. Distance – this is another big downside of this cable. If you run it for a long distance, you will experience some issues with its performance. Moreover, if you truly want to experience high speed, do not exceed the said limit. That way you will not have to face any lack in speed and frequency.

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