Simple Ways to Improve Preschool Students’ Creative Thinking While Studying in the Noida Schools

Creative Thinking

Drawing, storytelling, and putting stuffed animals in bizarre circumstances have all been shown in studies to make children happier and more curious. Never, ever underestimate the value of imaginative play. 

Consider it a significant development when your child imitates a real action with a toy, such as pretending to answer a toy phone or cooking food in plastic kitchen toys, since your child is heading in the correct path in terms of healthy imaginative skills. Children require a warm, loving, and playful learning environment in which to experiment and be creative. That is exactly what the Noida schools provide. 

While the school is doing its best, parents can help by incorporating some of the activities listed below into their daily routines.

1. Read, Converse, and Tell Stories

Reading books and stories to your children studying in the Noida preschools will instill a lifelong love of books in them. It is one of the most effective strategies to stimulate a child’s imagination. 

Reading also aids in the development of language and vocabulary skills while gradually stimulating curiosity. Aside from reading books to your children, tell them your own made-up stories. Allow them to inhabit your imagination. 

This would teach children that their creativity knows no bounds and may take them anywhere. It is also critical to chat with your youngster daily about everyday issues.

2. Play as Much as You Can

Playtime is important not just for strengthening your bond with your child, but also for engaging them and encouraging them to think creatively while having some goofy fun. 

While it is not realistic to devote a significant amount of time to gaming, begin by playing simple interactive games while performing household tasks. 

Play spelling/math games or make animal sounds and encourage your children to guess which animal it is when you drop them off at school. If your children are caught in traffic with you, try to keep them entertained.

3. Plan Screen-Free Time

Children in the best preschool in Noida emulate what their parents do, which is why most children have cell phones and iPods from an early age. Too much screen time makes children inert and hurts a negative impact on their health and cognition. 

Keeping one’s gaze fixed on the screen offers little to foster imagination and creativity. As a result, it is best to limit screen time and establish some ground rules, such as no phones at the dinner table or during vehicle journeys. 

This will help kids realize the value of family time and how activities with family can be fun.

4. Get Outside

Outdoor play and free play are good for your child’s creativity, as well as a plethora of other cognitive and social-emotional benefits. Plan picnics or Sunday expeditions when they can lie down on the grass and gaze at the clouds. 

Allow them to climb trees and gather snowflakes. Allow them to take rain showers and throw stones in puddles. Allow them to sit on the beach and listen to the waves or gather seashells. 

The opportunities to discover new things while being outside are limitless. Allow the children to choose what they wish to do.

5. Allow Your Child to Participate in Mind-Stimulating Activities

As you arrange some mind-stimulating games and activities for your youngster, you should allow them to take the lead. Making a sandcastle or going cookie-baking can be as simple as a Lego war or painting the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk, playing dress-up or going for a nature walk. 

Allow your youngster to take the lead, and then follow. The deeper you sink in and allow yourself to become entirely engaged in their fantasy, the more they will indulge.


The best schools in Noida realise the significance of encouraging young children’s creativity and imagination. Young children require pleasant and loving social experiences for their brain and language development. As a result, the preschool curriculum for young children focuses on the children’s entire development rather than academics.

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