Strategies to Increase Milk Production With Cattle Feed

India is in the first position in milk production in the world, and buffalo milk is the second most consumed milk in India after cow milk. If you have a buffalo, think of increasing milk production. Buffalo milk is also white similar to cow milk, but it is thicker than it. Due to this, the market price of buffalo milk is high. Also, There are numerous ways to increase milk production at a reasonable cost.

Every cattle has its genetic potential, and you can’t increase the milk beyond the genetic potential. Indian cattle have low genetic potential, but poor nutrition management becomes the main reason behind the low milk production. Due to poor management of nutrition, we didn’t achieve the genetic potential milk percentage of cattle. If we manage the nutrition demand and give the desired cattle feed to dairy animals. Milk production will increase automatically.

Provide the Sufficient Nutrients

Buffalo cows are mammals that chew the cattle feed and digest it using microorganisms in the rumen. A healthy rumen will allow cattle to yield good-quality milk. Proteins are the primary nutrients for a healthy rumen, and it plays a crucial role in the growth of buffalo and milk production. Make sure your cattle get the right amount of nutrients from animal foods. Wheat, Grains, and oil seeds are the primary sources of protein.

Carbohydrates are also an essential nutrient along with proteins for the buffalos. 

By-Pass Protein Supplements 

It is a new-generation cattle feed broken down into amino acids to meet milk production.

Environmental Condition

Milk production also depends on the environment, and there is a misconception that buffalo can survive in any environment. Buffalo cannot remove their body heat easily due to the lower seat gland. Since buffalo are coated with black color, that is the reason for the heat absorption. Higher body heat increases thermal stress and lowers milk production. So, If you live in a hot environment, an outer water pool will help dissipate the heat, increase well-being, and increase yield production.

Do a Disciplined Milking

Routine milking helps to increase the yield of milk. Buffalo can give a good amount of milk till their ninth lactation and let down the milk slower than cattle. The milk production of buffalo increases after the fourth lactation. Keep in mind that milking is routine, and it increases the production of milk. Avoid taking too much time while milking because it reduces milk production.

Set a Feeding Pattern

Normally, three feeding patterns are used for buffalo: extensive, semi-intensive, and intensive. Most people use the semi-intensive. Feeding 0.5% concentrates per liter will help to maintain the yield production, and it also helps them to increase the fat content in the milk.

Health and Hygiene

Buffalo tends to have a disease and metabolic disorder due to the wallowing habit. An unhealthy buffalo will not yield the milk according to its limit. If you want to keep the level of milk production, take care of buffalo. The wallowing habit increases the chance of infection, so washing the buffalo twice a day and clearing the dung thrice a day. Don’t beat and threaten them, and keep them in a mosquito-free shed. Don’t keep them where they can get in the sunlight for a long time. Address all the needs of buffalo for maximum milk production.

Make A Balanced Fodder Diet For Cattle

If you are making fodder for the cattle, provide 20 to 25 kg of green fodder. Various green fodder varieties: Makka, hedge lucerne, cowpea, etc., don’t stick to one type. Combining different types of green fodder will ensure a high nutrition intake and less waste. Now, add 10 kg of dry fodder. It is highly recommended to add dry fodder after the evening milking.

Add 4 kg of the concentrated food. There are many types of concentrated animal food available, like oil cake, Sarso ki Kachchi Khal and Pakki Khal. Add the concentrated food that is locally available because it will intake the high nutrient content. Add 50 gms of the mineral mixture to save cattle from micro-nutrient deficiency. So, You should try a few mineral mixtures: Milk Maxima, Chelated Mineral Mixture, and Moo Magic. In the end, add 30 liters of clean water.


India is the highest milk producer and consumer in the world. The cow is the first, and the buffalo is at second, but the buffalo milk is thicker than the cow milk. Indian cattle have low genetic potential, but poor nutrition management becomes the main reason for the decrease in milk production. When you feed them, try to give them the desired nutrition.

Green food and concentrated food provide the desired nutrition. Make sure of the environmental condition and the body temperature of the buffalo. So, Make an outer pool and wash the buffalo twice a day. It will keep them clean and maintain their body temperature. Add 15-20 kg green fodder, 10 kg dry fodder, 4kg concentrated food, 50 gm mineral mixture, and 30L of water.

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