Suffering from Muscle Injuries? Here’s the Guide to Choosing a Good Physiotherapist

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There are so many physiotherapists available everywhere. This has increased the competition and resulted in everyone claiming that they are extremely good at what they do. 

The difficulty lies in figuring out – who among all the physiotherapists is good.

A guide can make figuring this out less challenging. So, if you suffer from muscle injuries and are looking for physiotherapy in Adelaide – here’s how you can choose a good physiotherapist.

Basic Qualifications are Key

The basic qualifications that make a person a physiotherapist are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy
  • Doctor of Physical Therapist Program from an accredited institution
  • Registration from the Physiotherapy Board of Australia 

Also, they must keep up the rule of completing 20 hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD) every year. Any person who makes a decent physiotherapist will meet all these qualifications.

Physiotherapist Has a Personable Personality

Since you will need to work with the physiotherapist regularly to heal your muscle injuries and associated pain, it is crucial that you and your physiotherapist get along. 

In case you don’t get along with your very skilled physiotherapist, it can impede and limit your therapeutic progress and recovery.

Physiotherapist Conducts Thorough Assessment

There are many specialities in physical therapy. So, when looking for physiotherapy in Adelaide – go for the one who’s a specialist in treating what you suffer from (treating musculoskeletal injuries). 

A good musculoskeletal physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment to determine what makes your symptoms better and worse.

Physiotherapist Designs a Personalised Treatment Plan

Physiotherapists who are not only highly certified but are good at what they do always design a personalised treatment plan after assessing your symptoms. 

In addition, they spend at least 30 minutes giving you a one-on-one session of physical therapy instead of just hooking you up to machines. They also guide you through a movement retraining program.

Physiotherapist Provides Easy Logical Explanations

A good physiotherapist will be able to explain your condition to you in a manner that is easily understandable instead of just using big technical words. 

Moreover, good physiotherapists can easily explain why they choose a specific treatment plan for you and how it helps in healing your muscle injuries.

Physiotherapist Gives Homework

Homework can sound boring – but it is an essential part of physical therapy. 

A good physiotherapist gives a few exercises you can do at home outside the hours of your physical therapy sessions – to quicken your recovery process.

Recommendations by Doctors and Peers Matter

If the doctor you are currently seeing for your muscle injuries recommends a physiotherapist – it’s guaranteed that the physiotherapist will be an expert at treating musculoskeletal conditions. 

Additionally, if your family, friends, colleagues, etc., recommend a physiotherapist to you – remember that they may have first-hand experience and care about you. Thus, the physiotherapist is bound to be a good one.


Finding a physiotherapist who meets all the above requirements can take time and effort. So, to make the process of finding a good physiotherapist less arduous for you, here’s a physiotherapy centre located in North Adelaide where the physiotherapists meet all the above qualities.At Body Fit Physiotherapy in North Adelaide, physiotherapists are focused on providing client-centred physiotherapy. They stay up-to-date with the current research and technologies in the field of physiotherapy. In addition to this, they believe in providing successful intervention, rehabilitation, and injury prevention.

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