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With 1 billion active monthly users, 90 percent of whom have at least one account for (Comprar seguidores teste grátis portugal) business on the app. Instagram is a fantastic marketing channel for businesses of all sizes and types of niches.

If you’ve got already established an Instagram presence, then that’s fantastic. Do you gather testimonials from your customers on Instagram to get the most benefit from it?

It’s true that not all businesses value customer reviews however, providing potential customers with proof of their social connections can provide you with an edge.


Whatever product or services you provide to your customers, you will likely face (Comprar conta Instagram 10k) competition in the market that seeks the focus of the same crowd. Customers today have too many options, and they prefer to prefer brands they know and are confident in.

This is not surprising that 87% of consumers review customer reviews before deciding on a company. Furthermore, reviews from customers influence the buying choice. Check out the following numbers:

Why Get Customer Testimonials on Instagram?

Instagram isn’t just for sharing photos and communicating with friends nowadays. It’s become a powerful marketing platform to discover new products and research.

People do not just keep track of businesses on the app however, they also make decisions following the discovery of new brands that are on the platform.

This is a huge opportunity to promote your business. However, it means that your customers are looking to interact with you through the platform.

Instagram is an excellent source of testimonials from customers due to the reasons listed below

The users who are actively using the site. Instagram is among the fastest-growing social media networks with the highest engagement base. According to this article, 51 percent of Instagrammers are on the site at least once per day.

Therefore, it’s no surprise why Instagram is the top platform for communication among modern consumers who are eager to provide feedback to brands

People want to interact with brands via Instagram

They follow interesting companies through the site. They are also interested in communication with brands 150 million people engage in an interaction with a company each month. This means that they’re most likely to talk about their experiences with you if they’re paying attention to their stories.

Instagram comes with features that let you access testimonials from your customers within the app. Instagram is home to more than 25 million businesses and two million advertisers, which means it is constantly releasing tools that allow businesses to interact with their customers within the app.

From bio links that can be clicked to questions on stickers to questions plenty of ways to gather testimonials from customers directly on the platform.

The final word?

Instagram is an excellent platform to collect customer reviews since your customers are actively using the platform. They are eager to share their experiences with you and the platform has all tools to make it simpler for both sides.

Let’s look at the four ways you can gain more testimonials from customers on Instagram

Make the Most Out of Your Bio Section

Did you realize that 96% of the people who talk about your business online don’t like your profile via social networks? It should be simpler for customers who come to your profile to realize that you are concerned about their opinions.

Therefore, it’s crucial to inform visitors of the need for testimonials from customers in your bio. Why? This is the very first page people look at when they visit your profile, which makes it more likely that they pay close attention to it.

Here are two effective methods to get the most out of Your bio page.

Promote Your Brand Hashtag for Customer Testimonials

If you’re a business owner or digital marketer you should be aware of the significance of Instagram hashtags. Utilizing hashtags is an excellent method to organize conversations on Instagram and assist users in finding interesting content quickly.

Many brands are aware that hashtags for their brand make them stand out from the crowd and get to the right people. If you’re planning to collect testimonials from your customers it is essential to establish a distinct hashtag that customers can use on their Instagram accounts to share their stories about their experiences. For businesses, this provides the opportunity to collect discussions without difficulty.

This is how Frank Body promotes its brand hashtag for gathering customer feedback regarding its products:

To encourage more people to follow your hashtag to promote your business on the platform and receive more testimonials from customers, You can also add an invitation to action which informs the audience of what they need to do using the hashtag.

Include a Bio Link to Your Customer Satisfaction Survey

One of the most effective ways to get to know your clients better is to get them to complete surveys about customer satisfaction. The majority of companies send these surveys via email, however, modern users are receiving hundreds of emails each day and it is easy for them to get lost in their inboxes.

If you have An Instagram presence, you’ll also let people know about your survey to gauge customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to convert the people who visit your site into participants in the survey it is important to make it easy for those who are interested to complete the survey. How? Make sure you link back!

Whatever number of users you follow, each Instagram user has the opportunity to include a clickable link within their bio section. It’s your opportunity to add an invitation to take your survey. See an example below:

Show Your Happy Customers

The lifeblood of a business is its customers. for any company. Satisfaction with customers affects loyalty, which in turn encourages customers to spend more money with you. Additionally satisfied customers are great promoters that help turn their family and friends into customers.

In the case of testimonials from customers, it’s crucial to display to your satisfied customers that you are setting an example for other customers to make them eager to share their opinions with you. There are a variety of ways to showcase the satisfaction of your customers and to get more testimonials from customers.

Publish UGC Content on Your Profile

Customers trust their fellow customers. If they are exposed to the recommendations of their peers and recommendations, it is more probable for them to make a buying decision or give feedback to others as well. In the end, users’ content is a kind of social proof, which has grown in popularity.

In the State of UGC 2021 Report, 95 percent of marketers say that consumers trust fan-created content instead of brand-branded content. 75 percent of marketing professionals agree that UGC creates more authentic content.

Here’s an example of how to use UGC in Instagram taken from Lulus:

User-generated content can be an example of testimonials from customers because only satisfied customers will create content for you. Get real Instagram followers by visiting comprarseguidoresreaisportugal Now. This means they are pleased by the standard of the product or services. Additionally, you can tag a person, so they are likely to be interested in producing fan-created content to gain publicity.

Create an Instagram Story Highlight for Customer Reviews

Another method for getting more testimonials from customers is to create an Instagram Story highlight album with reviews from customers so that viewers and followers could access the reviews easily.

Learn the method Clek got it done:

The most appealing aspect of this strategy is that it allows you to display reviews from customers, republish user-generated content or create short videos featuring reviews from customers to collect all of them together in one place.

Repurpose Customer Testimonials for Instagram Feed

Virtually every site has a testimonials page that allows customers to tell their stories to companies and other customers. For more testimonials from customers on Instagram. You can convert these reviews of customers into Instagram posts that provide a model for your followers, who will also give feedback to you.

Furthermore, there are numerous ways to go about it. For instance, you can capture screenshots of testimonials from customers and upload them to Instagram as Milk Makeup did it:

Use Instagram Video for Maximum Impact

Attention spans are decreasing which is why it’s no surprise that internet users are now engaging in dynamic video content. This not only keeps viewers engaged and interested. However, it also assists to include all pertinent details that your viewers must be aware of in a quick video.

Furthermore, videos of customer testimonials appear more genuine than reviews written in text or images. It’s a fantastic idea to utilize Instagram videos to maximize the impact. Furthermore, there are many tested methods to use it.

Upload Video Customer Testimonials to Your IGTV Channel

In the year 2018 Instagram introduced its TV channels (IGTV) which allowed users to upload lengthy videos, that could be up to 60 minutes in length. If you are a marketer and want to collect more testimonials from your customers on Instagram it could be a viable alternative to show the way for their customers and inspire users to share their experiences. How? You can upload video testimonials on this channel to build brand loyalty and increase confidence.

Take a look at an illustration of this strategy in execution:

You don’t need to create an IGTV customer testimonial video for your channel if there are customer testimonial videos available on your website. It’s easy to record a video and upload it onto the channel. IGTV channel. This helps you save time as well as money and time.

Create a Live Event on Your Profile

Live events are extremely well-loved by online users. Because they are available for a short duration. They give the impression of urgency and this makes it more simple for marketers to create compelling Instagram video streams that will keep their audience engaged.

Here are some ideas for live events to help gain more testimonials from customers:

To increase the number of views on your video. It is essential to make your live event known before the event so that interested viewers can schedule their time and attend the session. The best method to accomplish this is to make an Instagram post that includes all the important details about your live event as The Inkey List did it.

Utilize Instagram Video Stories to create stickers

Instagram Stories are available at all hours of the day, so it’s not necessary to create professionally-produced videos. In addition, people enjoy genuine content. 500 million people make or view Instagram Stories daily.

For instance, ASOS invites customers to write reviews on the featured item and post their reviews on Instagram Stories. They also include an emoji slider that allows viewers to prove the claims:

Additionally, There’s a wide array of functions that permit marketers to collect customer testimonials within the app. There are a variety of alternatives to consider:

Clickable Story Links provide you with the opportunity to include a link in your survey to gauge customer satisfaction.

Question stickers: aid marketers gather customer feedback without having to limit themselves to just two choices.

Encourage Customers to Share Their Thoughts

The majority of people aren’t willing to share their opinions about your business because they think that you don’t care about their opinions. It’s been demonstrated that implementing feedback from customers in a significant way will make your customers 99 percent more likely to remain loyal to you. This means that you should be interested in their opinions and motivate them to participate.

Here are three ways to inspire customers to share their experiences:

Partner With Niche Instagram Influencers

As a marketing professional, you are likely aware of the significance of Instagram Influencer marketing. Because the modern consumer is influenced by influential people on the platform and is as trusting of their advice as they trust (Comprar conta Instagram 10k) their friends in real life Influencers on Instagram can inspire your customers to share their opinions regarding your products.

Organize an Instagram Giveaway

Sometimes, a little incentive by your brand can be the ideal incentive for your customers to motivate them to create testimonials from customers for your business. In the case of Instagram, it is possible to connect with a larger audience of your clients, meaning you’ll get more testimonials. How? Create an Instagram giveaway similar to the following example:

Promote Your Customer Loyalty Program

As a marketer, it is important to be aware that the creation of a loyalty program is among the most effective methods to keep (Comprar seguidores teste grátis portugal) customers returning to the same business. If you provide a discount or reward points, or even free delivery. Customers enjoy receiving incentives, and it helps them to purchase

If you promote a customer loyalty program through Instagram will not only help increase sales on apps but, it can motivate people to write customer reviews for you. loyal customers are more likely to provide testimonials for their customers if you request them to do so.


Instagram is an effective marketing tool that can help businesses reach their intended audiences and deliver messages for their brand and even offer products on-app. But, Instagram can also be an effective source of feedback from customers. If you can get your followers (and customers) to provide feedback about your company and products.

To gather more customer reviews on Instagram it is possible to try the tips mentioned above to test and discover which ones work best for your followers. This means that not only will you be able to gather customer feedback on Instagram quickly and speedily. But you also boost user engagement and loyalty to your brand as users would like to be heard.

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