The Best Higher Secondary Indian School and its Digital Campus in Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is known for its luxury hotels and resorts, but it’s also home to the best Indian higher secondary school in the country. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the subjects students need to pass their exams and pursue higher studies in top universities in the world . It also has a digital campus that provides access to world-class education resources.

Digital campus that is offered by the best Higher Secondary School in Abu Dhabi

What is a digital campus?

A digital campus of school uses technology to improve the teaching and learning experience. It is also known as a “learning campus.” This type of school campus offers more flexible and accessible learning platforms that are delivered both offline and online. The students have access to course materials 24/7, and they can also participate in discussion boards and chat rooms to get help from classmates. In addition, digital campuses often have state-of-the-art computer laboratories, classrooms and libraries. Continue reading about the Abu Dhabi Indian School Digital Campus

Abu Dhabi Indian School Digital Campus (GIIS)

  1. GIIS (Global Indian International School) SMART Campus includes two 65′ smart televisions that are Wi-Fi and Apple TV equipped in every classroom. The TVs can airdrop personal documents with the push of a button and stream videos, display students’ classwork, connect to other devices and classrooms. The TVs can also function as touchscreen interactive SMART boards.
  1. For all communication, activities, and note-taking in the classrooms, teachers and students use iPads and MacBooks. 

The collaborative digital learning experience for students is improved by teachers using their iPads to share crucial powerpoints, display lesson materials, and take notes. In contrast, students use MacBooks for their own classwork, enabling them to connect to devices owned by teachers, Smart TVs in the classroom, and other students. 

Each device is connected to a reliable 2GB wifi network, which provides the highest possible output for all learning processes.

  1. To ensure that students hear crisp, clear sound across the entire classroom, teachers have been given microphones and the most modern audio system. 

Additionally, it allows teachers to move freely throughout the classroom without being restricted. They are given collar microphones, which improves the clarity of the sound inside the classroom.

In addition, students have access to technology that enables them to present information via projectors. And Smart TVs, fostering cooperation and enhancing teacher-student communication. 

All classroom devices are managed by teacher iPads, giving them complete control over what students can do with their own devices, what is shown on TVs, and which websites they may engage with.


The Abu Dhabi Indian School’s Digital Campus can be a game changer in learning for your secondary school kids. These kinds of interactive learning methods will ensure that they pay more attention to their lessons and also take a keen interest in learning more.

Being in sync with the current technological trends will also help them adapt to new situations easily. Especially when they are transitioning from university to seeking employment in multinational companies.
Learn more about GIIS and its offerings on the school website!

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