Things To Know About Potty Training Seats

Are you looking for the best potty training seats? When is it appropriate to use potty training seats? What’s the best potty training seat for your child? All these questions and more will have an answer in the following article.

Potty training seats are different from potties.

Most people think of a potty as a toilet seat that’s not mounted to the toilet itself, but there are also portable training seats that attach to toilets. These are a great option if you’re having trouble getting your little one to sit on a normal toilet seat, or if you don’t have a bathroom with enough space for both a toilet and a toddler-sized potty chair.

It’s important to know that while these kinds of seats can be helpful, they aren’t essential for potty training success. In fact, some experts say that using one can cause problems down the line because it gives kids the idea that their pee and poop should go in the same place their parents do, which isn’t really true!

The best way to get kids to use the toilet is by letting them practice sitting on one without feeling of falling off or getting dirty. You can buy training seats designed for this purpose (like this one from Safety 1st) or make one yourself with two large plastic cups filled with water and taped together in the middle (one cup upside down inside another).

Plastic potty training seat cushions are more comfortable than hard plastic

If you’re potty training a toddler, you may want to consider buying a potty training seat cushion. The best ones are from soft, comfortable materials that will make your child feel more at home on the toilet.

The best potty training seat cushions have extra padding, which makes them more comfortable than hard plastic seats. They also have handles that can act as a safety feature for toddlers with poor balance. If your child falls off the toilet when using one of these seats, he or she won’t get hurt as badly as if he or she fell off a bare toilet seat.

Some potty training seat cushions are designed to fit over the top of existing toilet seats like a lid on top of a bowl. Others come with their own adjustable hinges so they can be attached to any standard-sized toilet seat. Either way, they’ll keep your little one safe and secure while sitting on the toilet.

Attached to grown-up toilets

The idea is that your child will feel more secure sitting on a big toilet instead of a little potty seat.

Some companies offer portable options that can go in the car (or even on vacations), and others offer high chairs with removable “potties” that are in restaurants. These are nice if you want your child to feel like he’s part of the family, but they also take up a lot of space — and they cost extra money.

Potty training seats come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: They have designs to make it easier for kids to use the bathroom without making a mess. They often feature some sort of splash guard or other device that helps contain pee and poop so that it doesn’t get all over the floor when your child goes pee-pee or poo-poo. Some seats also feature handles that make it easier for your child to get up from the seat by himself (or herself).

Potty training seats with fun designs

If your child is reluctant to use the toilet because they are afraid of falling in or missing their target, then it may be time for you to look into purchasing them a potty training seat that comes with an interactive design. This way, they will not only be able to sit on the toilet without falling in or missing their target, but they will also have something fun to look at.

The best thing about these types of seats is that they can come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There are even some that have music playing when you flush the toilet so your child knows exactly what is going on when using this type of seat for the first time!

The bottom line

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas to help you figure out which potty training seat is right for your needs. Taking your time, reading reviews and comparing features, will hopefully make the decision process that much easier. And remember, potty training is a long and sometimes frustrating road from start to finish, so once you’ve made the decision to get a seat of your own, it’s important to keep your cool and do what you can to help your child reach their goal as quickly as possible.

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