Tips to Curb Social Media Addiction to Ace the Government Exams

Government Exams

The technology wasn’t created with the intent to distract people from their goals. In fact, its basic purpose is to connect people swiftly, ease tasks and provide information to people quickly. No doubt, smartphones are helping millions of learners, students, and government exams aspirants. But these smartphones have also taken the form of the biggest distraction for students in today’s scenario. 

Lakhs of government exams aspirants often complain of their addictions to using smartphones excessively. Well, if you don’t manage to curb the addiction to using social media sites excessively. Then, the feasibility of you achieving your goal in a limited time span would almost be null. Thus, restrain yourself from using social media sites excessively if you want to get your dream job quickly. 

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Get the Help of the Tips Mentioned Below to Curb Social Media Addiction to Ace the Government Exams:

Set a Time Slice 

If you have an addiction to using social media sites all the time but are strongly determined to grab your dream job. Then, try setting a particular time slice to use the social sites. This will surely help you satisfy the craving for using social media sites in the beginning. It will be hard for you to leave social media sites all at once by uninstalling the apps if managing to curb the excessive social media sites is going beyond your control. Cut down on the time that you spend using social media sites by taking little steps initially. 

Replace Your Habits

If you are accustomed to looking at your smartphone in the morning to update yourself with new messages or updates. Then, get rid of this habit by replacing it with another activity. Such as looking at the gardens or birds near you,  meditating, or easy exercise moves. Doing so in the morning will motivate you to avoid the excessive usage of smartphones for the entire day. Thus, it is better that you must start replacing your habit to look at phones in morning with meditation or exercise to crack the government exams.

Download Exam Preparation Apps

You must be cognizant of the fact that there are umpteen government exam preparation apps that can help you sweeten your exam preparations. You must try them as this will help you reduce the time that you spend on social media sites. Also, you can load your smartphone with apps that track your social media usage on a daily basis. This will help you keep a track of your usage of social media sites and you can take strict measures to reduce it to the lowest level. 

Deactivate Your Accounts

Well, some social media apps give you the option to deactivate your account instead of deleting it. If you don’t wish to delete your account then, you can try this option to check your commitment. You know what you have to practice to stay committed to your goals by taking little effort. Try to stay committed to your goal for at least 21 or 40 days somehow. This is an excellent way to curb addictions and develop new good habits. If possible, then deactivate your account and stay committed to your goal for at least 21 days.

Start with Little Effort

It is quite impossible to curb the addiction all at once by forcing yourself strictly not to do that thing. But with little effort, you will find that there is hope to get rid of this addiction. Thus, stop forcing yourself to avoid things all at once. Instead, start by taking little steps with patience and perseverance. Get the right direction to prepare for the bank exam well by enrolling yourself in an eminent platform that offers the best bank coaching in Laxmi Nagar


Applying the above-mentioned tips wisely will surely help you put restrictions on the excessive use of social media sites. Furthermore, don’t force yourself to do this as this can severely impact your mental health. Let it be natural by embracing little steps. 

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