Top 5 College Lacrosse Players in the Country


The NCAA tournament is one of the most exciting times of year in college lacrosse. After conference championship games last weekend, the NCAA released the brackets for this year’s tournament. Several teams from Long Island will have impact players at the tournament. One of these players is Manhattan College’s Liam Walshe, who scored 26 goals and played a vital role in winning the conference title.

who is jessie coffield

Who is Jessie Coffield was born on October 15, 1990 in Boston, Massachusetts. She grew up playing sports and is a former player of lacrosse, hockey, and PeeWee soccer. She also played Little League baseball. Her parents supported her athletic dreams and encouraged her to pursue sports as a career. While at Boston College, she competed in women’s lacrosse and field hockey. She eventually rose to captain of her team.

After completing her high school education, Jessie Coffield went on to play lacrosse and hockey at Boston College. She was also named captain of the women’s lacrosse team in 2012. Currently, she lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her family. She is engaged and expecting her first child, which is expected to be born in June 2021.

Brendan Nichtern

Brendan Nichtern has established himself as one of the top college lacrosse players in the country. Last season, he led the Patriot League in points and assists while leading the Army offense to a Patriot League tournament title. He finished his career with 284 points and 168 assists to lead all active Division I players.

Since his freshman season, Nichtern has become a first-team All-American and the Patriot League’s Offensive Player of the Year. This makes him the fifth consecutive Patriot League student-athlete to earn the honor. He also was named one of the finalists for the Tewaaraton Award, which recognizes the nation’s top college lacrosse players.

Matt Brandau

Yale men’s lacrosse is headed to Cornell this weekend for a matchup against the Big Red. In the last meeting between the two schools, Yale won 12-9. Yale’s Matt Brandau, who is ranked as one of the top five players in the nation, was the top scorer in that game, with two goals. Yale will look to get on the winning track against Cornell in Saturday’s matchup.

Matt Brandau has been one of the most impressive freshman players in the country. After his freshman season, Brandau was named Player of the Week and helped lead Yale to the Ivy League semifinals. In addition, he has also been named the Big East Conference Rookie of the Week. The Yale men’s lacrosse team expects Brandau to make a major impact in 2020 and 2021.

Logan Wisnauskas

With his stellar performance last season, Maryland men’s lacrosse won the NCAA national championship. In addition to his title, Wisnauskas also received the Tewaaraton Award, which is presented to the best player in college lacrosse each year. The senior ended his career with 61 goals and 42 assists, and he broke the single-season scoring record for Maryland.

In high school, Logan Wisnauskas played for Boys Latin, which went 18-0 and won the state title in 2014. He was selected as the LaxPower National Champion that same year. His senior year, he scored 97 points and was named Baltimore Messenger Lacrosse Player of the Year. In addition, he was named an Under Armour All-American. Originally, he was committed to Syracuse but changed his mind and decided to play in his home state of Maryland.

Izzy Scane A Northwestern

In the summer of 2014, Scane was one of the last cuts to the U.S. U19 team. That decision would have a lasting impact on the rest of her career. She quickly started impressing teammates and coaches in preseason games. She also displayed a strong defensive game. When the season started in February, she was placed on defense, but quickly became a valuable part of Northwestern’s offense. In a few games, she scored more goals than any other player on her team.

During her sixth-grade project, Scane decided to choose Northwestern. Her writing skills were evident when she chose to write a letter to Amonte Hiller, a professor at Northwestern.

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