Top Reasons Why Cat6 Plenum Ethernet Cable is Pricier?

Cat6 Plenum Cable

Cat6 Plenum cables have become a top choice for installers over the past few years. One of the main reasons to choose this type of cable is its safety. People do not like to compromise their safety. They can pay extra money to ensure the safety of their property. For example, the cat6 plenum cable has fire-retardant qualities. For indoor deployment settings, you can choose this cable with confidence.

This is one of the many reasons that make this cable a bit expensive. This article will talk about why this cable comes with a hefty price tag as compared to the other cables. Furthermore, we’ll also talk about plenum vs riser cables. Let’s dive right into it.

Fire-safety Jacket

Before we get into the debate of plenum vs riser, first let’s talk about the fire retardant jacket. There are two types of cables when it comes to fire safety; UL-listed polyvinyl chloride & low smoke zero halogen cable. Manufacturers have printed these safety measures on the cable jacket.

In addition, you can choose either type of jacket based on your location. For example, if you are getting a cable for your plenum spaces, the obvious choice would be plenum-rated cables. This will help you ensure safety in case of an accident. Furthermore, this type of cable will fight off fire in a better way.

Cat6 Plenum Ethernet Cable

Cat6 Plenum 1000ft cables are communication multipurpose cables. These cables are highly in demand right now. The main reason is the safety they offer. You can install them and will not have to worry about fire. They have the highest safety measurements. For instance, UL-listed cables offer strict safety standards. If a fire ever breaks out, this cable will limit the fire to a certain proximity. In addition, they will not emit toxic fumes into the air. You can trust these cables with your property.

When it comes to deployment, you need to have certain knowledge about these cables. For example, a plenum-rated cable would be ideal for the plenum spaces of your building. We use these spaces for ventilation as well as heating purposes. Cat6 plenum cables have a certain design that offers a path for smooth airflow. As you may know that those places have regular airflow and oxygen presence. If a fire breaks out, it can spread quickly damaging your property while endangering lives. In addition, you will not know it until it’s too late. That is when plenum cables come into play. These cables have characteristics to put out the fire. Furthermore, they will stop the spread of fire.

If you are still wondering what are plenum spaces, no need to worry. These are horizontal spaces of your building like a suspended ceiling. Moreover, a raised floor would also be considered a plenum space.

Plenum vs. Riser Cables

Many people debate over which cable to choose. You do not have to worry about it because we got you here. Riser cables nearly have the same safety standards as the plenum. Furthermore, you can install this cable in vertical spaces of your building like an elevator shaft. Moreover, riser cables are ideal for carrying voice and video signals from one point to another.

Now comes the big question of choosing the right cable. You need to know that these two are essentially different cables when it comes to outer jacketing. For instance, you can install a plenum cable in the riser space but not the other way around. If a fire breaks out, plenum cable will do their best to put it out, unlike riser cables. Lastly, these safety features make plenum cables a bit more expensive as compared to riser cables.

Reasons to Choose Plenum Cables

If you have a choice to choose from plenum and riser, always pick the first. Not only you will be doing yourself a favor but also ensuring the safety of your property. Many people argue that plenum cables are expensive but they will return their value in the long run.

Highest safety values – people prefer this cable because it guarantees their safety in an event of a fire. You cannot put a price on your safety. Furthermore, it adheres to the highest market standards. These are some of the most useful features that make this cable ideal for any type of installation.

Jacketing substance – cat6 plenum have superior jacketing. In addition, they have tendencies to fight off the fire. The operating temperature of these cables is somewhat between -25 to 125 degree Celsius. Even though both plenum and riser are good cables but plenum has a slight edge. Lastly, always go for the plenum cable but get the best cable against your money.

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