Understanding Content Marketing with Michael Saltzstein

When online materials such as videos, social media posts, and blogs are created and shared, it is a type of marketing that is particularly known as content marketing. Michael Saltzstein an enthusiast of content marketing, as he speaks from his several years of experience in marketing, says that despite the technological interventions in the field of marketing, content writing has held its ground.

There are about twelve ways in which content marketing can be done. It thus often becomes difficult to make a choice among them and to ascertain which one would be the best suited for one’s business. Different businesses employ different types of content marketing to gain popularity and success in achieving their goals and objectives.

The various types of content marketing are as follows:

  1. Blogs– A lot of customers look for answers about certain products and services, having blogs on one’s website to explain the relevant terminology gives clarity to the understanding of the individual endeavoring to know the subject. The traffic to a site can be boosted with the help of blogs as they improve the SEO considerably. Some things that need to be kept in mind while writing the blogs are optimization of content for SEO, organization of the blogs using a cluster or pillar model, and keeping the content in close relevance with the product or service. 
  1. Videos – Videos are the best visual communication tool to promote or sell one’s product or service. It is very versatile which is why the big giants in the corporate world often use this.
  1. Infographics – This is used to give eye-catching content as they are mostly bright, lively, and rather captivating visually, as would agree Michael Saltzstein, the ace marketing personnel. These too are low-cost tools that can be used for marketing. Data is easily recognized and understood with the help of these.
  1. Case studies – This is most suitable for those who want to learn about their business from the customer’s point of view. This is done to make better the products or services as per the feedback given by the customers. A customer’s journey regarding the product is easily comprehended with the help of this and taken advantage of to enhance the products.
  1. Ebooks – This could be considered as the long form of blogs. They give an in-depth explanation of the concept being sold. They make valuable information about the business to its potential customers.
  1. User-generated content – This is a very sought-after type of marketing expresses Michael Saltzstein, the expert in marketing who has served for a long time as the Vice President of marketing having graduated from a global marketing manager.
  1. Memes – These are comparatively new in the marketing zone but are gradually gaining popularity. It is basically an image set, which can be circulated rapidly on the internet, with culturally relevant text. If used appropriately these can serve to divert traffic to a site and increase it.

Customer reviews and testimonials, whitepapers, and checklists are some of the other content marketing types that can be instrumental in the field of marketing and branding.