Wake Up with Achy Back – Here’s How to Deal With

In the past few years, the cases of back pain in adults have risen dramatically. Most people start experiencing back pain at a certain age.

However, according to a study, many reasons contribute to lower back pain such as unhealthy lifestyle, lack of diet, bad mattress, sleeping posture, and many more even if you have bought one from the top 5 mattress brand in India.

So, keeping this in mind let’s understand why you wake up with an achy back and how to treat it. 

The Contribution of Sleep towards Back Pain

The way you sleep is a factor that becomes the major contributor towards back pain other than the others. Your ability to tolerate discomfort is poorer when you don’t get enough sleep than it would be otherwise. Losing sleep has been linked to increased sensitivity to unpleasant stimuli, according to studies. Theoretically, lack of sleep causes uncomfortable inflammation, whereas getting enough sleep might lessen inflammation.

Your reaction to painkillers if you are sleep deprived is another factor that can exacerbate back pain. The analgesic effects of codeine are lessened in sleep-deprived persons compared to non-sleepy individuals, according to research on healthy normal adults. Your painkillers may work more effectively if you get enough sleep.

Role of Mattress for Back Pain

If you wake up with an achy back, you may know that you are sleeping on a bad mattress. However, your bed doesn’t have any problems associated with it. You can buy the best ortho mattress in India for back pain.

These mattresses are considered one of the best that suits all your needs and help align the spine. A proper alignment helps alleviate back pain & ache. People who are suffering from lower back pain must ensure that their mattress provides good back support and doesn’t put pressure on pain points, especially the sacrum and shoulders. These types of mattresses have enough firmness that the shoulder won’t skin in. 

A mattress that doesn’t provide proper back support will cause great pressure on the muscles resulting in body pain. 

Choose the Mattress that helps with Back Pain

Your spine can be aligned and pressure spots can be relieved with the correct mattress, which can reduce or even get rid of back pain. Because of this, it’s critical to pick a mattress that satisfies your requirements for firmness, comfort, and support. Consider these factors while looking for a bed to help with back pain:

Don’t Buy a New Mattress – It is possible that you need a new mattress. However, you don’t need to get a completely new model if you are generally content with the bed you already own and only want to make a minor tweak. Instead, think about your requirements and give a mattress topper a try. A foam mattress topper can enhance firmness, or a soft mattress topper can increase comfort on a hard mattress.

Dial-in Firmness & Support – It’s crucial to pick a mattress that is just right—not too hard, not too soft. Many individuals believe that the greatest option for persons with back problems is an extra hard mattress. That isn’t always the case, though. A firm mattress with a soft pillow top could be a suitable option, or a medium-firm mattress is usually comfortable for everyone. Insufficient support will be provided by a too-soft bed, and you will sink too deeply into it to feel comfortable.

Have Sleep Trial – Many online mattress brands offers free night trail for 100 nights or more. These risk-free trials allow you to purchase the mattress and let you sleep for 100 days. You can check the mattress by sleeping on it and this will help you get a clear picture of the mattress. You can return the mattress if you aren’t happy with it and get a full refund. 

Sleep Tips for Back Pain Relief 

Not only does your mattress is a contributor to back pain, but the way of sleep also matters. Here are some of the best tips that help you improve the way of your sleep:

Change Sleeping Way – Your back discomfort may go better or worse depending on how you sleep. Your back muscles could be strained if you sleep on your stomach, and turning your head to one side can result in pain in your neck or between your shoulders. For those with discomfort, it’s preferable to sleep on their back or side, switching positions often over the night to reduce the pressure that can result from staying in one position all night.

Align Spine with Pillow – Ideally, when you sleep, your spine will stay in alignment. While achieving this alignment with a mattress alone isn’t always achievable, you can utilize a pillow to facilitate better spinal alignment. Put a pillow under your knees if you’re sleeping on your back to support your spine’s natural bend. Pillows should be crammed between the knees of side sleepers. Placing a pillow under your lower abdomen and pelvis will help ease pressure if you sleep on your stomach.

Treatment for Sleep Disorders – If you have a sleep disorder like insomnia, it’s better to talk to your doctor about getting adequate sleep. Proper and adequate sleep help treat your body and relieve muscle tension. 

Sleep on Ortho Mattress – Sleeping on the best ortho mattress in India is one of the best solutions for treating back pain. The mattress automatically adjusts according to the body type and has a medium-firm feel. 

Wrapping Up 

Waking up with an achy back frequently can impact an adverse impact on your health. However, with proper care, you can get rid of pain and further prevent pain. 

But this is not enough as you spend 8-9 sleeping hours on your mattress. That’s why you must have the right mattress for your pain. For this, you buy the best ortho mattress in India from The Sleep Company.

The Sleep Company comes in the top 5 mattress brand in India. It is Aisa’s first & only SmartGRID mattress that adapts to different body shapes smartly. 

This technology creates 2500 air channels that provide enough airflow, cooling, and dehumidification that helps keep you away from sweaty nights.

So, get the mattress today, and have a good night’s sleep like never before. 

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