What are the Advantages of Progressive Stamping Companies?

progressive stamping

With consumer electronics being the key driving force behind the growing metal stamping industry, the role of progressive stamping is irreplaceable. This metal stamping technique offers advantages over other techniques like transfer-die stamping or compound stamping. It is a versatile and a cost-effective way to create precision metal-stamped parts, aligned to the engineer’s design. 

Therefore, manufacturers across industries need to look for progressive stamping companies like Eigen, who have an excellent record of producing metal stamped parts on time with high accuracy. 

This article lists advantages of choosing progressive stamping companies, but before that, let’s understand a little about this metal stamping technique. 

What is progressive stamping?

Progressive stamping is a metal stamping technique that uses progressive metal stamping dies. The progressive tool produces metal parts through a series of metal stamping operations like coiling, punching, drawing, etc. If the metal is coiled, it is first uncoiled and straightened before putting it into the progressive stamping bed. 

Each station is assigned a metal stamping operation. As the metal sheet goes through each station, the metal gets transformed into the desired shape till it reaches the last spot. 

Even though progressive stamping die is complex, the results are highly accurate. It involves high-tech sensors and pilots that ensure the metal progression through each station is smooth and steady. 

Advantages of Progressive Stamping Companies

Here are the reasons to choose a progressive stamping company like Eigen. 

  1. High speed and volume Capacity

Since Progressive stamping uses one tool, there is no need for secondary machining. This makes it a fairly faster process. Progressive metal stamping companies have an efficient stamping process that is enough to meet deadlines without compromising the quality of the end product. 

  1. Cost-effective Services

The best progressive metal stamping companies utilize electronic monitoring that reduces the need for physical labor, which translates into low labor costs. For most applications, progressive stamping tools do not require secondary machines. The progressive metal stamping process also ensures minimal scrap waste and maximum utilization of the metal sheet. 

Progressive metal stamping also offers high repeatability, reducing the need for frequent repair or replacement of tools.

3. Accurate Design Guarantee

At the best progressive metal stamping company like Eigen, the technically adept team designs the most appropriate progressive dies that ensure the end-product matches the product design. 

The series of stamping stations decide the time and the accuracy of the metal stamped part. Such companies can produce high-precision, complex metal parts of small and medium sizes. 


Progressive metal stamping companies offer some of the best technology-driven metal part manufacturing processes with advantages listed above. 

The increase in the demand for high-accurate compact parts will maintain its momentum in the coming years. With a 4.7% CAGR in the forecast period of 2022-2030, the metal stamping industry has evolved to meet the modern technology-driven demands of its consumers. 

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