What Are The Main Aspects That Make Cheap Linux Shared Hosting Better?

What Are The Main Aspects That Make Cheap Linux Shared Hosting Better

In today’s time, there is competition in every niche. Don’t matter what kind of business you are doing, there is someone who is doing better. So if you want to beat the competition you should create a website for their business. And creating a website will not be enough you have to find a reliable web hosting service that helps your website to grow faster and a better Linux shared Hosting can be a good option.

If you don’t have much budget and you want a great web hosting service then Cheap Linux shared hosting is perfect for you. It has many features that help a business website to grow further. And the main thing is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money.

In this article, we tell you about all the features Linux shared web hosting has and how it helps a business website to grow further.

What is Linux Shared Hosting?

Linux is an operating system that a server to function. Without an operating system, a server cannot run and function. The term shared hosting refers to the use of a single server by a web host for hosting multiple websites. All websites share all resources and features of the primary server. 

And when a Linux server is used for Shared hosting, it is called Linux shared hosting.

Linux is an open-source operating system, which means anyone from anywhere in the world can contribute to Linux. That is why it improves every second and has more features than any other operating system.

What are the Features of Linux Shared Hosting That Makes it Better?


Linux is an open-source operating system, which means a lot of possibilities can happen in Linux OS. you can do anything in Linux and can modify your server as you want. Linux won’t have any bloatware. Compared to other hosting options, Linux hosting is much better because it is open-source.


Linux is an operating system that is free to use. All security updates and versions are available for free. That is why Linux shared Hosting is the cheapest web hosting service available in the market.


Linux shared server is a secure web hosting service because Linux is open-source and if there is any breach into Linux security it will be resolved immediately also you can uninstall any software from Linux that you don’t want to use. And Linux doesn’t take much data from your Server.

Provide more options than Windows:

Linux is just like a video game you can play with it like a toy. It gives you the authority to do anything in this operating system. It offers a lot of features that Windows cannot provide. If you know the source code you change the Linux interface to Windows or apple. Also, it can be run on the oldest machines even on the outdated ones. The price of Linux is cheaper than Windows. Overall Linux shared web hosting is a better option than Windows.

More choices on the control panel:

Windows only support the Plesk panel, you can’t use any other control panel in your windows server. But if you use a Linux shared server you have the authority to use cPanel and Plesk both control panels in your server.

Managed Service:

Shared Hosting is a managed web hosting service. This means all your server-related tasks wil be done by the web hosting company. You don’t need too much in your server. Also if you are not tech savvy person it wil also help you a lot and saves a lot of time.


If you buy the best Linux shared Hosting plan with many features it will be very beneficial for your website. If you really want to beat the competition and grow your business into a large organization you must need to be very careful when choosing a web hosting provider.

Because a lot of things will be depended on your web hosting company like Server uptime, customer support, and Server reliability.

Hostbillo Hosting solutions is a web hosting company that offers all types of web hosting services at very reasonable prices. They offer a wide range of cheap Linux shared Hosting plans and packages in many countries. They offer 24/7 customer support, a 99.90% server uptime guarantee, and also fully Secured Shared Linux hosting servers. So if you want the best for your website must check Hostbillo’s official website once.

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