What Should You Know Before Your First Gyno Exam 


In case you own a vagina, there would be a time when you need to see a gynecologist exam Yes. You know what, it is an essential part of maintaining your health. But that foremost exam with the gynecologist can seem totally alien and sometimes even scary. The thought of discussing sensitive type of health topics as well. As letting a complete stranger examine your vagina could make you want to miss the appointment overall. Well, when you are going to visit the experts in the best gynecology hospital in Vijayawada, you should not worry. This post is going to give you some points that may make you feel comfortable.

Well, seeing a gynecologist should not need to be intimidating or even uncomfortable. In fact, it may even be somewhat empowering. Below, you would find precisely what you can expect from your first gynecologist appointment. Come on, you should not be shy about anything when visiting the gynecologist. This post is going to help you stay comfortable for your first visit and feel confident.

You should know why you have taken an appointment with the gynecologist 

The experts in this field recommend that girls have their first gynecologist appointment between. The ages of thirteen and even fifteen, with an annual wellness visit after that. You could have particular things to bring up with your specialist doctor during your first appointment. Such as your menstruation or period issues, birth control options, and even testing for sexually transmitted infections.

It is definitely smart to be clear about why you are actually seeing the gynecologist. The point is you can be confident to discuss everything on your mind. And simply be a better advocate for yourself. Remember once you go there, you should be confident about yourself. it is common and everyone does that. in the first-time appointments, doctors usually take up 15 to 25 minutes. However, it can vary on the basis of the depth of the appointment.

You likely won’t need a pelvic exam or Pap test if you are under 21 

Irrespective of your age, a medical professional is going to do a general physical exam to check your overall height, weight. And even blood pressure before a gynecologist examines you. Your doctor would typically not perform a pelvic exam to check out your. Reproductive organs during the time of your first visit. The exception is in case you are somewhat sexually active, want to go for STI testing. Or have other types of health concerns such as abnormal bleeding or extremely painful periods.

in case you are twenty-one or older, however, a pelvic exam is recommended, coupled with a Pap test. During a Pap test, your doctor is going to swab your cervix (the lower area of your uterus that links to your vagina) to gather a sample. Of cervical cells to examine for abnormalities that might showcase or indicate cervical cancer (that is rare and even mostly treatable. So try not to simply stress!).

Your gynecologist doctors in Vijayawada also perform an overall breast exam. Even though young females have a low breast-cancer risk, your doctor is going to likely use this as an opportunity to show you how exactly. To examine your breasts as well as recognize any changes. 

Good to know what happens during a pelvic exam

A typical type of pelvic exam consists of three parts, as per the experts. The foremost is an external genital exam to simply look at your vulva, which encompasses everything. You can see on the outside of your overall body, such as your clitoris, labia, and the opening of your vagina. In case your doctor offers you a mirror so you can simply see what’s up down there or in case you wish to request one. No need to be shy! A gynecologist visit is a perfect time to ensure you know the name, location. And even purpose of all the areas of your vulva.

Remember that the doctor will even perform a vaginal and even cervical type. Of exam with a speculum, which is a proper device they would simply insert into your vagina and expand to simply get a better look of your vaginal walls as well as cervix. Though the speculum gets inserted, your doctor is going to use a soft brush or simply. A flat scraping device to take proper samples for your Pap test and to simply test for specific STIs.

Also, remember that you can talk to the gynecologist about any questions you have in mind. Many people do have questions about the speculum and that is okay. You should know that speculums are there in different sizes. So in case you are simply tensed about it hurting, you can simply let your doctor know and ask them to simply try something tinier. Similarly, in case you feel pinching or even pain, you can definitely speak out. now, the great thing is that. The speculum only requires to be in your vagina for nearly a minute for a doctor to simply carry out a thorough exam. So, you can be comfortable with it all and simply say your doctor if you have any discomfort.

Remember once it is done, your gynecologist will conduct a bimanual exam to simply study your reproductive organs. With their hand on your lower abdomen, they would simply insert one or even two. Of their gloved, lubricated fingers into your vagina and simply feel around to ensure your uterus and ovaries are absolutely healthy. This is another thing that can make females anxious, but it also only takes nearly a minute!


To sum up, you can find the perfect gynecology hospital for your concerns. The way you have the best child hospital in Vijayawada. And in other places, you can find these exclusive clinics too. After all, it is about your health and overall life. Since you have a good idea about the overall examination that you may go through during your first visit. To a gynecologist, you should not feel fearful now. After all, it is about your overall health and comfort level.

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