Documents You Need When You Buy a Used Motorcycle !!

used motorcycle

The most popular modes of public transportation are local trains, buses, cars, and metros. Yet the rising congestion and numerous stops at each stop wouldn’t be ideal to experience. People choose to get rid of these items by purchasing a used bike since it is affordable, practical, and comfy.

If you want to avoid traffic and transportation costs, you may consider buying a used motorcycle. However, one thing to be exceedingly cautious about. When purchasing a used motorcycle is ensuring you have all necessary documentation from the seller. Since failing to do so might find you in legal and financial difficulties. Whether it’s used motorcycle insurance papers or a NOC. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list to assist you in obtaining the relevant paperwork from the vendor.

The bike seller must provide you with the following documents

A used motorcycle is a much safer, more practical, and faster and much cheaper form of transportation when compared to public transportation during a heavy rush. Start your search for a used motorcycle today if you wish to travel safely and be on time. But make sure you have the following paperwork from the vendor before you sign any agreement.

A complete set of documents accompanying the vehicle purchase 

Because there are so many fake bike merchants in both online and offline markets. You need to make sure the bike you’re buying isn’t a stolen one. Everi bikes are becoming the leading Offline marketplace for used 2-wheelers out of hundreds. Because they have the greatest selection of used superbikes and motorcycles in general.

Complete insurance papers for fully covered motorcycle

Asking for proof of bike insurance might help you acquire a vehicle without any issues. If you start driving a used motorcycle without insurance, you risk facing legal repercussions. Bike insurance can protect you against the costs of unintended damages or in case of theft as well. As a result, you must change the name on an existing insurance policy within 15 days of buying a motorcycle.

Original Registration Documents provided by the RTO

One of the most important pieces of documentation. You want from the former owner of the vehicle is the bike registration documents. It is equally important to acquire the most recent copies of any previous bike insurance documentation. If a merchant wouldn’t provide the registration documents, don’t purchase a two-wheeler from him. You must carry the original documentation, Forms 29 and 30, a copy of the PUC certificate, copies of your ID and proof of domicile to the RTO in order to transfer ownership of the vehicle into your name. Once the bike has been legally transferred into your possession, you are free to ride it anywhere you choose.

Make sure you have a receipt of previous road tax payment

Road taxes must be paid whether you own a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. Normally, it is paid at the time of Motorcycle’s registration. It is important to obtain the RTO road tax receipt copies. Before concluding the purchase in order to prevent any fines at a later time.

Collecting a No objection Certificate (NOC) is a requirement

You must get a NOC certificate and a stamped Form 35 from the loan provider showing loan clearance. If you are purchasing a bike that was initially acquired on a bike loan. You won’t be able to legally transfer ownership of the bike into your name if you don’t get these paperwork.

Certified pollution certificate from the government

Before riding their bikes freely on the roadways, all bike owners must get a pollution certificate. Don’t forget to acquire the PUC certificate from the seller if you’re buying a secondhand bike. Otherwise, using a secondhand bike without a pollution certificate will result in severe fines. Before signing the contract, be sure to request this paper if you wish to travel like a savvy adventurer.

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A copy of the transaction documents of Deal 

On a piece of paper with a notarized stamp, you must draft a sale/purchase agreement with the seller. Following the actual delivery of the bike, a delivery note should be preserved. Store them together for convenience in case you require all of these papers at a later time.

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