Where can I buy college assignments?

College students who have purchased college assignments or the complete set-up service on MyPremiumEssay will add praise to thank the store for solving their urgent needs Buy Assignment Online.

Student: “It’s only four or five thousand to buy a complete set of graduates, and the intermediary fee for me to apply for going abroad is tens of thousands. If I waste all my time on the completion of the project and delay the application, I will suffer even more!”

Teacher: “For graduation projects, as a mentor, I am more active than the students themselves.”

School management:

“I have been in school for many years, and I have never had an undergraduate student get stuck in the graduation project.”


“If the excellent graduation design and the number of outstanding graduates are taken as an important reference for the evaluation of college teachers.

It would be very fast to prevent students from shopping for graduation designs online or to improve the quality of graduation designs. But at this stage, I am afraid that It’s still hard to do.”

A student cried all night in the dormitory. She will have her graduation defense next week; She wasnt able to write her graduation project yet. It’s not that she didn’t do it. It’s that she didn’t do it at all.

She paid someone online to do her undergraduate graduation project, but she was deceived. She paid half of the money initially, but the other party didn’t make her graduation project by the agreed time, and she couldn’t be contacted again.

“Being defrauded of money is a trivial matter… If I can’t come up with a complete set, how can I graduate…” She cried out of breath. The roommates were also anxious for her, and while persuading her, they called Write essay today sellers “unconscionable” and “wicked.”

Here comes the help

Her roommate hurriedly helped her contact the Writeessaytoday store.

Where she bought her graduation design and asked customer service if she could rush it out within a week.

“How much do you want!!!” She gave the customer service three exclamation marks and a series of emojis asking for help.

No one pointed out that she should not go online to buy a graduation project from the beginning

Because “buying a graduation project” and college assignments are already relatively common among university graduates studying science and engineering.

The service of writing a graduation thesis for liberal arts college students has gradually shifted from the ground to the underground.

And “gunners” seem less easy to find. Still, the service of graduation design for science and engineering college students has become very popular.

Independent Summative Assignment

A graduation project is an independent summative assignment for science and engineering students before graduation. Under the guidance of teachers, college students generally conduct engineering design and research on selected topics,

Including design, calculation, drawing, process technology, etc., and finally submit a report or thesis, and then pass the graduation project defense before graduation.

Whether on a search engine website such as write essay today, if you enter “graduation design” or “completed design,”

Claiming to be the best

You can easily find all kinds of websites and stores that provide services on behalf of others. They all claim to have “professional teams.”Do my assignment

These stores provide various services, covering mathematics, statistics, computer, communication engineering, civil engineering,

And other science and engineering majors to produce various workpieces. And almost all of them promise to provide “three guarantees” services of “package modification, package debugging, and package explanation.”

The price is also based on the complexity of the graduation project, ranging from three to five hundred to eight or nine thousand.

College Assignments

Why are students willing to spend thousands of dollars to take risks to buy college assignments online? Who are the people who provide them with graduation design services? What do college teachers think about students buying graduation designs? 

How can we prevent similar phenomena from continuing to happen?

Students took this graduation project, which he knew of the graduation project. He found that wrong, and went to participate in the mid-term defense at the tutor did not look carefully.

A reporter found during the interview that “can’t do it” is the main reason why fresh undergraduates choose to spend money online to find someone to do their graduation design.

” They thought that “the money was well spent.” The seller is professional and seems to be a highly educated person. He speaks better than the teacher and communicates with him very efficiently.

During the interview, the reporter learned that some fresh graduates did not have the time or thought to take the graduation project seriously.

Because of employment practice, preparation for postgraduate re-examination, application to go abroad, etc.

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