CCTV cameras have become a need in houses, offices, and industries. We are living in the modern era and technology world. Factories, offices, villas, homes, and road security need CCTV camera solutions for observation. In factories owners and managers need to observe their workers through CCTV cameras. In houses, people want to observe their babysitters and maids for security and discipline. So you need to buy a reliable brand like Dahua and HIKVISION. HIKVISION has been a well-known brand for many years. Here we will discuss HIKVISION 2 MP camera features, famous dealers, and price so that readers can easily make decisions in camera installation and selection of dealers. As it is a security-related decision. HIKVISION “CCTV camera price in Pakistan” has made their reputation good in the market. DAHUA is also a market hero. But still, Hikvision is being sold in the market with a good market share. I would recommend a company for CCTV camera Price in Lahore with installation. “Security camera price in Lahore”  will be the lowest by this company.


HIKVISION 2 MP IP camera is really a reliable camera. This camera is heavy in weight as well. It is a 500 g camera.Its dimensions are 69.1 mm × 66 mm × 172.7 mm equivalent to  2.7″ × 2.6″ × 6.8″. As it looks good that a camera has good dimensions and weight. So you must be concerned about the Hikvision 2mp IP CCTV camera price in Pakistan. Have some patience, we will provide its price at the end of the article.

This is a night vision camera among “IP cameras Pakistan”. Its IR range is 30 meters. So we can see objects in a full dark area though this camera is 30 meters IR power. If we talk about ingress protection, it is coming in IP67. It means this is a weatherproof camera. It can bear heavy jerks of rainwater and high temperature in the deserts. Power consumption is also minor. It uses a maximum of 5 watts if you use it on the power supply and 6.5 watts if used on the PoE switch. A power supply of 12 volts and 2 amperes is enough for it to work. As it is IP 67, it can work in severe temperature conditions. Its temperature range is -30 °C to 60 °C. It is equivalent to -22 °F to 140 °F.

This camera can work in a 95% humidity environment. Its communication interface includes an RJ45 10M/100M self-adaptive ethernet port. It is coming with anti-flicker properties. It has a heartbeat function as the camera will send signals to NVR. NVR will detect whether IPC is online or offline. This camera is password protected and comes with a privacy mask. it has also a watermark feature and an IP address filter. 

Hikvision 2mp IP CCTV camera price in Pakistan

HIKVISION IP cameras in Pakistan and “CCTV Camera price in Lahore” are seeking attention from every buyer coming into markets and online web stores. IP camera installation is a little tricky. So you may go to the market, search for the best security camera price in Lahore, and can buy IP cameras easily. But for IP camera installation. You need a technical team and a professional.

So do not worry about this, I would recommend you buy these cameras from CCTV CENTER. A solution provider company based in Lahore, working throughout Pakistan. CCTV CENTER’s CCTV camera price in Lahore will be affordable and satisfactory. As these cameras are good in features, to buy these cameras as Hikvision 2mp IP Security camera price in Lahore is 6500 to 7500 rupees.

Technology War B/W Dahua and Hikvision

Dahua and Hikvision are two Chinese brands with lots of well-known products in the market. They almost copy each other. Rather I would say they are fighting for better solutions and products in the market for market leadership. Dahua is working very rapidly on technological advancement in its products. Hikvision is also competing with Dahua. Let us discuss an example. Dahua has invented HDCVI technology which is a remarkable achievement by Dahua.

Meanwhile, Hikvision has also launched TVI technology comparable to HDCVI technology. Dahua has introduced WIFI-based products with the brand name Imou. Imou cruiser camera price in Pakistan is a hot potato in the google search. Imou camera is now in high demand. Now if we talk about Hikvision, it has also introduced a similar WIFI-based product with the brand name Ezviz. Ezviz is also grasping the attention of the audience in the market. Hikvision Ezviz is comparable with every product in the Dahua Imou series.

App for Laptops is easy in Dahua, unlike Hikvision.

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