Why is My Cat Not Noticing My Presence?

Cats can disregard their owners for many reasons. Ask yourself if you did anything to offend your munchkin that is now eliciting a cold response to your friendly moves.

Did you punish, yell at, or swat your baby cat some time ago? Went for an extended vacation without telling your cat? Are you not dedicating time to play, cuddle, or venture out with your furball lately? Look back on what changed in the last few days to know the cause of your cat’s issues with you.

The events of the recent past help identify the cause and find a remedial path to restore normalcy in the house. However, prolonged behavioral problems shouldn’t be ignored because you never know when they will transition to aggression and lead to much more damage in terms of health.

Meet your vet when problems don’t seem to abate. Medical intervention can help relieve your cat’s anxiety or any underlying physical issues contributing to behavioral problems. Kitten insurance NZ helps with unplanned vet bills, so contemplate purchasing cheap cat insurance at the least.

Meanwhile, read on to know some common reasons why a cat ignores its human parents.

Cat wants private time.

One of the simplest reasons for a cat not to hang out with its two-legged friend. When your cat isn’t in the mood to indulge with you, respect its feelings and allow some private time.

If your kitty does not need a scratch or belly rub or comes to you for a treat, it most likely will not respond to your sweet tones or tasty treats. Kitty cat might simply ignore you and continue doing whatever it prefers, including napping.

Don’t be upset if your cat’s plan doesn’t include you. Just wait until it snuggles up to you for some petting and playtime. 

Cat might not be aware of your presence.

Some older cats with declining cognitive functions may not see or hear their owners as they did during their younger days. So, if you have an older cat in the house, probably the poor animal has no clue that you are trying to interact with it.

In a case like this, you must move closer to your kitty, so it knows you want to say something and then chooses to respond or not. If this is the scene day in and day out, you must take your cat to the vet immediately for testing and treatment to check its lack of awareness really is just due to old age. It could as well be an emergency, so don’t postpone a visit when unsure.

Cat may be scared. 

Cats try to maintain a significant distance from people, places, or things they perceive as potential threats. In such a situation, a cat might not know whether the opposite person’s intentions are good or bad, so it may safely choose to ignore them. For instance, accidentally stepping on your cat’s tail is sufficient to alarm your cat. Kitty might flee the scene if you try to get its attention even to give an apology. 

Cat suspects your loyalty.

Cats are independent, can sometimes be stubborn, and at other times are delicate. For instance, your cat can walk up to you to receive a few gentle rubs once you return home from work; during this moment of reconnection, if your cat smells like you were petting another fur baby, it is probably just going to snub you and walk away.

Also, it is not uncommon for cats to retreat into a cave when they are struck by sickness. If you suspect an illness brewing, take your cat to the vet asap. Providing your cat with top-notch medical care is within reach with the help of kitten insurance in NZ. Consider purchasing cheap cat insurance so your furball can avail of basic health benefits at affordable costs.

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